Yellow River flood broke out! Major rains in China flood Yangtze River Town | 3 Gorges Dam

Yellow River flood broke out! Heavy rains in China flood Yangtze River Metropolis | Three Gorges Dam

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  1. Yangtze River pouring now into the underground DUMBS where human trafficking and adrenachrome production
    is being shut down…now the flood is underground! Oops, where did the water go???

  2. Open the hydo dams and generate more green power. Sell it to the UK and reduce our power bills…….
    Yeah that's what's needed….Chinese power to save the UK ?? over winter

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  4. Strangely, while China is facing severe drought along with Yangtze River, your channel presents the opposite of the case. The news you have mentioned cannot check against the cross- reference to the online newspapers or visual news of other media in the West and in Chinese. So I question your authenticity of your video clip


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