Yangtze River Overflow Trigger Nuts Flooding! 3 Million Properties Wrecked by China Worst Flood

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Night time Runner oleh Audionautix dilisensikan berdasarkan lisensi Artistic Commons Attribution 4..



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  1. CARM camming to China wuhan virus covit is from the labor department xi Jinping dictator president of China is a lee dictator
    Go aut from TIBET . Hongkong.
    Don't go to Taiwan
    The world will boycott you China

  2. เป็นบุญแล้วที่ผมไม่ได้เกิดที่ประเทศจีนไม่งั้นก็โดนนำ้ทว่แล้วยิ่งว่ายนำ้ไม่เป็นอยู่ดัวยครับขอให้ทุกคนปลอดภัยครับผม

  3. All Praises And Glory To The Most High Almighty For Restoring The Earth Back To The Aboriginal People. These People Don’t Belong On The Lands That The Most High Almighty Is Destroying. 🙏

  4. Xi Jin Ping, you want the South China Sea? Here is your own backyard of the South China Sea. No Nine dash lines, it's all your to keep. By the way, you should open WIDE your door to welcome the FLOOD, that is what your supreme leader Xi Jin Pig suggested. And with what happened to the world due to Wuhan virus, KARMA..  .  .

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  6. Dispiace per i Cinesi, ma per i loro governanti dovrebbe essere un monito importante per il futuro. In poche parole meno economia spinta e più attenzione alla natura. Ma devono fare in fretta, perché altrimenti all' uomo dal sorriso bloccato gli passerà la gioia.

  7. CV19, locusts, flooding, .upsides, extreme heat melting sneakers, rockets falling into earth, bank accounts being plundered, passports being denied, food shortages, etc. Get right with God China this is no coincidence. Why work for a government that doesn't care about you.


  9. Our Heavenly Father and Shakyamuni Buddha rebirth as Jesus, create this world with the perfect moral, science, human etc but most of human is following devils, worship material life by all means, scientists ignore God while God gives it, other use their dirty bodies as porns, prostitute, divorce, sex before marriage, no talented & ethic leaders so how can we survive? etc all betray God, very painful, if someone robs all things from you, can you accept that? So not only heavy storms, more earthquakes, floods and forest fires will happen around this world to wake up humans.
    God doesn’t do that, the same meaning as this world has no laws for corruption, drug dealers, crimes, prostitution & addiction is the leaders. We need to have a virtue & talent king to find out virtue & talent leaders with two parties to help each nation so we can save the world. Stop let prostitution, addiction, crime etc to vote, no way to find good leaders. China is suffering first because they put black magic all over the world. Next is USA, God will destroy all danger weapon areas, mental liberty statue in New York, no liberty of sex, porn, prostitution, divorce, sex before marriage, wars, addiction, corruption, dirty words etc. snakes & centipedes will fall down from the sky to New York.
    Please let more people know. We need to save kid futures in this world. Angel need to stay in Catholic temples, very immorality to have sex with angels who is 1-3 years old souls. If God doesn’t interfere, this world will incestuous. Just control sex by thinking that you lost your genitals. The whole world won’t have electricity in 10 days to see how scientists can explain, must follow God & save future kids on this earth because the world can’t exist full of crimes & social problems. Ask yourself, is this love teaching or bad teaching?

  10. My sympathy to all those victims of the flood. But this flood obviously was excacerbated by those goddamned dam. Make no mistake about it. Wise and far sighted engeers in china who opposed the construction of this 3 gorges dam saw this disaster today as vindicating their opinion.

  11. great for China country for all of them karma evil try to be take over for a LEADER on the our we stands Earth and a Moon, Karma China karma wanna to be worldwide Leader.

  12. Isaias: 24. Já é profetizado. Agora busca JESUS CRISTO clamemos para que ELE nos salve do tormento eterno, precisamos agora da salvação de nossa alma e da nossa família. DEUS NOS OUVE, só através do seu Filho. Não há outra saída. João 3-16-17e18, Romanos 10-9 e10,. Enquanto há vida há esperança.

  13. Tofu construction and corruption. Build too many electrical DAM .Nothing Climate change.
    Year 2020 Flooding in 20 years.
    Years 2021 flooding in 100 Years
    Years 2022 flooding in 1000 years. But no investigation Why ? How them can fixed it ?