WOW! OUR Sun Now… / Japan Earthquakes / U.S. Extraordinary Weather / Canada Temp Swings

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May well 17, 2021 #oursuntoday #extremeweather #tornadoes
WOW! OUR Sunshine Currently… / Japan Earthquakes / U.S. Excessive Temperature / Canada Temp Swings
5 Day not so normal Entire world Temperature forecast As well as a glimpse at #spaceweather for nowadays.
Earthquakes for currently. Newest on disaster Alerts and Volcanic Activity
Daily Activities Globally
Preserving Humanity Aware and Organized to OUR Ever-transforming Planet.
We are really dwelling in some Fascinating and sometimes terrifying periods but Panic NOT! The Cycles taking place on our Planet require to be documented for potential generations.
Appear with each other now! Develop, Understand, and Appreciate! Stay Youthful and Have Enjoyable!
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Earthquake 3D imagery

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  1. Wow, the size of that Sun Spot on the upper left & the bands that are coming from it expand way outside of the Sun. When that Sun Spot is Earth facing, I'm praying that it doesn't let of an Class X Flare. It's already active as it is coming around just a little above the equatorial part of the Sun. I wonder if NASA named it yet. I'll give it a name. The Sun Spot will be named "YIKES!-2021". Thanks for everything you DEW… I'm glad that you are feeling better.

    God Bless & Peace, Grace & Mercy to you, your family & your friends.

  2. A chaque fois que le monde va mal, le soleil se fâche! Triste époque dans laquelle l'humain se permet toutes les horreurs, mais il n'accepte pas que les forces naturelles soient en colère ??? On nous parle des chemtrails de l'Haarp qui modifient le climat et provoquent séismes et éruptions volcaniques… Peut-être… L'homme est tellement monstrueux, quand il le veut! Mais à quoi sert la paléo climatologie si ce n'est pour comprendre que la terre a toujours été vivante. Elle s'est et se transforme, quoi qu'en dise l'humain, tellement orgueilleux, et qui pense que tout dépend de lui!!! Mais la terre a elle aussi le droit de se révolter!!!

  3. Thank you Mike for your latest update. Your doing such a great job in alerting us all to what is going on right now re Sun and Earth connecting seismic events and weather.

  4. Im on California coastline and have been checking multiple times a day. I need to be aware asap if a tsunami comes to california. If so I gotta get to higher ground…also have been prepped for major earthquake.

  5. Thank you Mike. You need to take care of yourself and get the rest your body needs.
    We had some very strange noises in the sky in UK early afternoon. Sounded like a metal train above us moving along! Maybe it was a rusty chariot! 💓💓

  6. I have noticed, if I'm out in the sun, I feel weaker than normal, and I have never have had sun stroke, most of the discomfort is at sun set and sun rise, but I feel strengthened at night. And many other people around me have started too stay up at night, and the ones that are in the sun during the day are asleep by dusk, and that seems to be with most of the people that are under that white sun. Just reminds me of the passage "we are toilers of the day not of the night", which means to me that at one time humans must have toiled at night to be safe from the effects of higher uv radiation and cosmic radiation.

  7. Still below 60f here.
    Got tropical for a few hours yesterday but I know it's only heat being sucked in.
    It's gonna deep freeze this winter defo.
    We need to prep people's now ready for winter.
    Wow is it changing fast now.

  8. mike we live in an an exiting galaxy and world. how huge is is the knowledge of GOD. your talented mike plz continue to educate us on this majestic stuff



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