World-wide Severe Climate – Hurricanes Ida and Nora make landfall

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We track in depth Hurricane Ida as it will make landfall in Louisiana, Usa and Nora which built landfall in Mexico.

We glimpse at world-wide lightning and temperature extremes for Monday August 30th and which pieces of the earth have the heaviest rain for currently.


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  1. he only forgot the time we monitoring the weather , the mound of people that live , etc. And making things a hype shades real science. Real science takes time, field work etc. We

  2. People!!! Very vital information with irrefutable scientific facts about what is happening with the climate now. At the conference "Global Crisis. This Already Affects Everyone"

  3. I was interested in Nina bringing tropical moisture up into the California Sierra region. Your pictures answered my question…should do, as they often have in the past.



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