Wintering Cattle in Extreme Weather


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  1. One of the most important and underrated professions!

    Out of ignorance, would it not be practical to plow or blow a couple of lanes closer to the ground for the cows?

  2. Y'all have midget cows, one thing, but that is what you are running. Why don't you plant winter rye or something? Do you ever feed range cubes, they have much more energy? Do these cows hold more meat, why such small cows? My cows won't eat in ice like that.

  3. Which is the reason why I don't understand why so much cattle is raised in more northern areas where there's so much cold Mavis causes flat land or something like that when it comes to animals man they really have to when you had to take it out your pocket places home to be fed just by it coming by the ground but I didn't mean it is what it is been done for 100 years as I can see I just don't get it when I move down to words not snow Grass Grows year round and there's food you're around without having to pull any pocket

  4. Thank you for teaching understanding. 🤗🙋. If a person doesn't understand it brings confusion. Until taught. That's life. Help us O LORD to reach to YOU for YOUR truth.

  5. Ohh you mean you get paid by govermenr to let them free range… Bummer to have to feed the cows you make money on… Bummer. Lets see… Poor you have to deal with wolfs when you let them free range last video… I hate to see cows sitting in a trout stream… Keep your cows at home, and you wont have to worry about wolfs.. Uhhg..

  6. Have you looked into planting other native grasses that might be taller and more winter hardy seems like most places have been over run by un native grass species that out compete but don't out perform the native species

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