Winter Camping in Snow Storm – BURIED ALIVE in Heavy Snowfall, Extreme Weather Solo Tent Backpacking

Winter Camping in Snow Storm - BURIED ALIVE in Heavy Snowfall, Extreme Weather Solo Tent Backpacking 7

Winter Camping in a Snow Storm – Buried Alive Survival – Heavy Snowfall Tent Camp in the North. ASMR and extended versions coming soon.

This was the most heavy snowfall I have ever experienced in the wild. I backpacked with my skis into the mountains of the north to camp by an amazing glacier and ended up being buried alive in heavy snowfall. The extreme weather was quite exciting, scary and beautiful and multiple plans where made for survival. When it was all over a new snow challenge waited for me, van life related, so, to be continued…❄️?☕️

Enjoy the winter storm camping video my friends from around the world, appreciate you all!

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About me: I am an adventurer and wilderness explorer. My youtube channel focus on outdoor wilderness adventures and exploration, backpacking, hiking, canyoneering, skiing, climbing and mountaineering. Nights spent in a tent, alone or with friends. From the snow covered mountains and misty fjords of the North to the remote plateaus of Yellowstone and the debts of the red canyons of Utah to the summit of Mt Whitney and the heart of Sequoia Kings Canyon National Park. I love the Wilderness! Email is under “For business inquiries”, for general questions please comment on a video, I try to answer everyone.

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  1. My gosh, that's two feet of snow fall! It is amazing your tent stood up in those conditions and you were able to get out of there. Would snow shoes have been a better option?

  2. I’ve never done what you’re doing in this video. So adventurous! I loved your reaction shots and your commentary. I wonder what would have happened if you just left piled-up snow atop your tent and went to sleep instead of digging out?

  3. What a beautiful solo experience. Such a gorgeous area and no one appreciates it. So you can enjoy all to yourself.

  4. Great fun! Lets imagine you slept through the night and woke up totally buried, other than the possibility of the tent collapsing (yours looks very strong) would there be anything else to be concerned about such as oxygen issues? I like the idea of being buried in what appeared to be very dry snow on this trip for you, I just don’t want to do anything stupider than what I would normally do so your advice would be very much appreciated.

  5. I put myself at the top of the Palm Springs Tramway on Mt. San Jacinto CA in the early 90s to do just the same, to experience heavy snow. I snow-shoed in about half way to the summit when the sun set and set up camp. I was prepared with three days of food and fuel but ended up using all the fuel to thaw frozen outer layers that I mistakenly left outside my sleeping bag overnight. I got about an hour of sleep. I could swear a locomotive screamed through the forest at nearly 9000'! Being frightened was real! My dome tent was collapsed on top of half my body at about 0530 in the morning when I woke. The tram opened its doors @ 0700 where when I returned to wait outside. The on duty ranger showed up promptly at the door with his packed sled in tow. With icicles hanging off my eyebrows and mustache, he opened the doors and greeted me, "Good morning! We heard you were up here. How'd it go?" "I survived. I ran out of fuel though so had to cut it short. So, what, did 10" fall last night (a conservative guess)?" I asked. The ranger responded, "Try 15"!"

  6. I'm so jealous. Just beautiful. I miss snow so much. When we finally did have a day of snow I did exactly what you did. I stood outside with my arms out just soaking in the moment. I appreciate your love for snow!

  7. I'm always amused by click bait claims to be 'camping in a storm', or 'heavy snow' when there's a bit of breeze and a few flakes: Your videos on the other hand are the real deal.

  8. Beautiful Norway, even when it’s suspended in snow. It’s good to hear you laugh Jarl and making the best of it all.

  9. Simply amazing!! My wife and me also loving to make our winter-vacations with our van in Scandinavia because there it´s simply quiet, white and wonderful.
    Greets from Germany! ?

  10. I love your channel when I try save your videos or press like it doesn’t let me save it to watch later or recommend you much in my feed dunno why thought I’d let you know YouTube pushes what it wants sometimes

  11. This has to be my new favorite video of the channel! And even though conditions are extremely difficult you make it seem like it is just a simple fun camping trip ?. Thank you for taking us with you in this beautiful adventure!

  12. I remember my first scout camp in the mid 1980s. Sleeping bag from the Littlewoods catalogue comfort rating around +30 C.
    Scotland in February. No Sleeping mats at all. Two nights of hell.
    40 years later still wild camping, kit costs a fortune but works.

  13. Do you get bored sometimes inside the tent and can't go outside because it's so cold out or alot of snow . I find it's really difficult to get up to go outside for the morning pee because your so warm and comfortable.
    Going to ask my boss at home to Patreon your channel

  14. Your lucky it wasn’t wet heavy snow my friend! I had snowfall in Canada that was as heavy snowfall. You did very well in the circumstances! Congratulations! I’m glad you had a Hilleberg as few tents could handle so much snowfall

  15. another fine video ! I live the snow through you because we didn't have snow at all apart from a light dusting here in New Jersey. But I must admit for you in this one it was a lot ! Scary ! I hope you have a Garmin In Reach type of communication device and that somebody knows where you are going in case rescue would be needed ! but great work furthermore when you have to go in and out to get the camera angles in the middle of the snow storm.

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