Winter Camping in a Snow Storm – Blizzard Extreme Solo Tent Camp in the North with Heavy Snowfall

Winter camping & backpacking in a snowstorm – heavy snowfall extreme weather forest tent camping in the north, no fire, cold tent, high winds, 25 m/s, 56 mph, 90 km/h.

Cold tent winter camping during a snow storm in the northern wilderness. The forecast said 25m/s or 56mph winds. I choose snow shoes again since it makes filming easier than if I was using skis.
I walked out into the forest in a break in the storm and set up camp, getting ready for the heavy snowstorm that was coming in through the night. It turned into a massive storm but I had found a sheltered place for my camp in the trees. I also built a snow wall to shelter behind for the eastern winds. Quite an interesting trip that ended in a mixture between rain and sleet. Extended version coming soon.

Gear list for this trip is towards the end of the video.

About me: I am a Norwegian adventurer and wilderness explorer. My youtube channel focus on outdoor wilderness adventures and exploration, backpacking, hiking, canyoneering, skiing, climbing and mountaineering. Nights spent in a tent, alone or with friends. From the snow covered mountains and misty fjords of Norway and Scandinavia to the remote plateaus of Yellowstone and the debts of the red canyons of Utah to the summit of Mt Whitney and the heart of Sequoia Kings Canyon National Park. I love the Wilderness! Email is under “For business inquiries”, for general questions please comment on a video, I try to answer everyone.

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  1. Finally!!! a good (real deal) adventure camping video on youtube. Nice one. Wild weather tenting … actually happening. Good one bud. Been there many time, so it's great to see it documented. Cheers.

  2. Whoever in here wants to camp in extreme conditions, please keep one simple thing in mind:

    Don't get cocky with mother nature. It is a force you will absolutely NOT be able to handle. Treat it with respect! Only then will you be able to survive!

    Stay safe out there.

  3. The ultimate experience will be Norwegian Bouvetoya island in the Antarctic if you can get to it. Even the Norwegian navy has difficulty finding it. Regards, M. Horan, Colorado.

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