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Shifting wind patterns are making extreme weather events more likely. This is because the wind, which distributes areas of high and low pressure along the latitude lines of the Earth, is also being influenced by climate change.

The wind is the motor for our weather. It brings us both sunshine and rain. And during the winter months, it regularly blows itself up into heavy storms. But throughout the globe, climate change is causing shifts in existing wind systems – with devastating consequences. Atlantic hurricanes, which build up over the tropics and often lay waste to swathes of land on the eastern coast of the US, are becoming more intense and bringing heavier rainfall.

Scientists are looking for clues as to the precise causes for the warming in the Arctic, where temperatures are climbing more rapidly than anywhere else in the world. In the northern hemisphere, rising temperatures result in wind systems ‘twisting’ at 10-kilometer altitudes. The Arctic jet stream drives high- and low-pressure areas around the globe. It travels around the planet from west to east at speeds of up to 500 kilometers an hour. But in recent years, meteorologists have noticed more frequent weaker phases in the jet stream – with fatal consequences for Europe. Droughts like the one experienced in 2018 and flood catastrophes like that of 2021 are both likely to recur.

Researchers on the island of Spitsbergen have already made an alarming discovery. Climate change is altering the wind, and the altered wind is accelerating climate change – a dangerous vicious cycle.

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  1. As mudanças climáticas (ventos…. derretimento do permafrost…. temperaturas extremas)estão quase que invisíveis para a maioria das pessoas elas nem percebem a catástrofe que se aproxima…. quando as consequências chegarem será tarde demais para todos nós…….

  2. I find the fact that those particular winds at about ten thousand feet are just about the same height as thousands of large aircraft are criss crossing the skies 24 hours a day ???

  3. this climate change narrative is nonsense but it does have a reason. Those who consider themselves in charge of the world are trying to force people into having no cars, no holidays in the sun, no meat eating, etc. Eventually they will kill off billions of us through starvation. They will do this by stopping farmers producing food using the nonsense about climate change to throw farmers off their land. This is already happening and it is not because they are concerned about the planet, it is to kill us. Face up to it or starve to death, your choice. What is killing forests? Pollution definitely but that is done by corporations and the rich using private jets. We must stop polluting that is true but the truth behind the climate change narrative has nothing to do with concern for the environment.

  4. "Why do the clouds come from the west and the warm air from the south?" Jesus

    Repent take up your millennial cross and follow Jesus humanities Christ Messiah for the millennium of end times climate change is here due to the Precession of our stars shadow equinoxes not you or co2.

  5. Video Documentary From DW Was Uploaded And Shown On 2nd October 2022.

    Video Documentary From DW Received On 6th January 2024. That's Approximately 2yrs And 3months Ago

  6. Love You All Sir Ji and All Mam❤️❤️❤️.(Nice Documentary❤️❤️❤️).(if not now when then?) (Please save the Earth🙏🙏🙏) (कृपया पृथ्वी को बचाएं🙏🙏🙏).

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