Winchester Model 70 Extreme Weather SS 30-06 (All Weather Mountain Rifle)!

Let’s take a look at my new to me Winchester model 70 Extreme Weather SS chambered in 30-06 Springfield!
The model 70 Extreme Weather SS has become quite difficult to find as most of the chamberings have been discontinued per Winchester’s website with the new Extreme Weather MB model replacing the SS.
These have become sought after hunting rifles amongst those venturing into mountainous, wet or otherwise extreme terrain going after big game as they have all the attributes you’d want in such situations: all-weather stainless steel and composite construction, amazing accuracy, relatively light weight, and of course the legendary Winchester model 70 controlled round feed action, not to mention a range of chamberings making it suitable for all North America big game.

Follow along as I get this rifle setup for an out of state Idaho hunt next year!

Happy Hunting!
Lee Mason, Mason Leather


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  1. My grandpa gave me his deer hurting rifle witch is a Winchester model 70. Wood stock and black (maybe blued) steel. I shot it for the first time two days ago. It is a canon to me and I love it! I only wish he would have shown me how to clean it and maintain it before he pasted. I love you grandpa Larry. Thank you for everything ❤

  2. Why you lying?!! This Kar 98 !! Winchester totally other gun!!! Where is cartridge cilinder!!!?? Winchester know hidden 7-8 bullets, Henry rifle know 12 bullets hidden and shoot one time!

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