Will Extreme Weather Events Lead to the Next Mass Migration in the U.S.?

Will Extreme Weather Events Lead to the Next Mass Migration in the U.S.? 7

Will the U.S. soon see another major rebalance of its population? Many populous areas within the country are experiencing flooding, drought, and impacts to agriculture. At what point will residents decide to move to a region that is may be more insulated from these challenges?

The Great Lakes Region, and cities such as Detroit, Milwaukee, Cleveland, Chicago, and Buffalo are poised to benefit from the migration, should it occur. These areas, once former economic centers for the nation, could be the sites for the next economic and real estate boom.

[1] Source: capradio. Map production by: Liz Anderson, Emily Zentner, Veronika Nagy.

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[3] “Great Lakes Region” by Lokal Profil, Urban Nerd, Derfel73
and Alex Covarrubias, used under CC-BY SA 3.0




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  1. I live in CT. We had a very mild winter and it looks and feels like April. The northeast in general is putting a lot into infrastructure, abet not enough, but at least recognize the problems. Also, the northeast cleaned up a lot, and wildlife sensitive to pollution is coming back.

  2. You mean the rust belt? No way they trashed that area and abandoned it. You can’t even eat the fish if you ever want to be able to have children in the future. Too many forever chemicals.

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