Why scientists are blaming climate change for extreme weather

Why scientists are blaming climate change for extreme weather 7

CNN’s Natasha Chen reports on why many climate scientists say that climate crisis and rising global temperatures are leading to more wildfires and stronger storms.
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  1. ??Climate change starts @ The top⛄& Ends @The bottom?️When the real change should be our electorates?& There policies??️I recommend Bio plastics? & Hydrogen power⛲?Plastics & ill bills?️Don't degrade?️?But R consumed?‍♀️?

  2. LIES LIES LIES. Go look at the history of temps and C02 ppms for yourself. Climate change is another form of fake crisis to control you. The "heat waves" have been drastically worse many times. ? CNN IS FAKE NEWS

  3. The ridiculous thing about the green movement or any of it is, unless the WHOLE world participates its a joke…we buy our coal, oil and gas from other countries who don't care about pollution and call it a win for climate change? we are the cleanest producers, and solar and EVs aren't gonna reduce our need for oil.

  4. In 2018 CNN reported climate change killing the Great Coral Reef..that was "science"..then in August 2022 CNN reported record amounts of coral formation on same reef. Lol….

  5. Actually scientists darent tell the public the truth because they will be targeted !!

    But funnily enough there are simply ordinary people without phds in our world who also know a bit about science.

    What is net zero? Absolute BS that's what it is. They say co2 causes climate change. Ok let's look at the science.

    The specific gravity of co2 is 1.592. Which means being heavier than air. How can any scientist explain that a heavier than air gas somehow gets into the atmosphere? IT CAN'T !

    Co2 can only fall downward. Its subject to the same laws of gravity and yet the sheeple are still convinced that what the likes of CNN, the government and mainstream science tells them is true.

    Wake up world 🙂 they are all liars.

  6. “The uncertainly has settled” ? Extreme weather has NOT INCREASED! The climate ideology is already claimed for years by politics and “man-made climate change” is purely created by big business… do some research! Historic climate models are very useful to study, but very unuseful to predict future climate.
    And talking about carbon footprint and cleaner energy.. Any idea what it costs to mine, shipping, produce etc to produce those so called “renewable” horizon polluting, birdslapping windmills, and biomass deforestation for heavy subsized solar fields for wood and then shipping it from all around the world and then burning it, named so called “clean energy” ?? That shit arnt helping either! And to produce and placing that junk needs heavy polluting industry… With other words, its all to de-industrialise the west. And move it all to low costs lands like China, India, Turkey etc. While they build coalplants etc rapidly. Superprofits can be made in such countrys where exploitation and childlabour are the norm over there. All that we are a so called “green, progressive, CO2 neutral, inclusive, diversity, jobcreating” or what ever totally raped frame and empty worded socialistic green utopian dream they shove it in theys days in the west. ? Climate change is big business! Just follow the money. It’s like a watermelon. Green on the outside, but fiery red on the inside..? Scientists are very divided about this. I think you can easily say that many scientists are way to demanding on their cash flows, jobs, further career, mortgage etc. And dont wanna ‘swim to much against the current’ because of the framing these days like; “Agreeing with team Trump” “far-rightwinger” or “climate change denier” (wich is in itself a nasty tactic with a bitter taste to holocaust denier..?) its a very known phrase by the leftist these days to end the discussion and set the other side to ‘embarrased’!

    Again, it’s simply shifting the problems.. and btw, I personally don’t see Co2 as a problem. Co2 is the base of life! the more, the better! Only Co2 is now the enemy of the climate change ideology.. climate change is mainly created and founded by big business and is all about the money. And also this chapter of the big shift, renewables etc.. and no, I don’t ‘deny’ climate change.. but climates always changing. With or without us! Millions of years. We don’t know shit! And we think we all have somehow the knowledge about it. simply ignorant and please don’t let the fearmongering media fool you that says things like; “the science has settled” or “97% of all scientists agree that we humans are responsible for climate change” yada yada yada.. Simply not true. Don’t be a useful idiot of the ‘leftwing eco-socialist’ movement with their moral blackmailing and stuff. Stay curious! ?

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Hey guys! Selfie time! Planning, traveling, shopping, exploring, eating, laughing, taking pictures, sharing & absorbing the world around me… thats what makes me happy! What about you guys?! #selfietime #selfie #girl #me #smile #happy #dowhatmakesyouhapp