Where Does Wind Come From? | Richard Hammond’s Wild Weather | Earth Stories

Where Does Wind Come From? | Richard Hammond's Wild Weather | Earth Stories 7

Richard Hammond investigates how wind actually starts. He visits one of the windiest places on the planet, walks into the centre of a man-made tornado and creates a 10-metre high whirlwind – made of fire!

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  1. Yaaaaahooooooooo! Yahoooooooo!

    Stop that u Jungleee! Don't disturb me n my experiments.


    Yeeeaaahh, am simulating, tornadoes, hurricanes, wild bushfires to study the wind movements.

    Are u the sorcerer the Mr Prospero of Milano, practising revenge games!

    Am Richard Hammond, engaged in serious geographical n climate research n their impact on earth n on us.

    Impact is clearly evident, here, there, everywhere Mr Richard!

    U're simulating, whipping up a tornadoesque windy movement on Mount Washington and 

    T-Company gets hyper- excited n agitated! Capitol hill – January 6 2021!

    Here there everywhere!

    Al-Aqsa mosque – Dome, Rock temple, to meltdown in Wall st – SVB crash /run on banks, /bankruptcies besides Tomatoes n potatoes vanishing off London n N Ireland supermarkets, Mr Richard Hammond.

    All u guys can do is blame, blame, blame, point fingers at others always to deflect ur own culpability n who're u, what're u doing here!

    Lost my job in a Wall st fund house, am mulling over future course of action.

    But why simulate such expensive experiments?

    Instead u could simply arrange a frkiendly debate inviting the forever outraging Mian Mehdi Hasan n Ian Bremmer types!

    Super proficient ones in whipping up a hurricane inside TV studios!

    Or even better follow the gentle, sober Mohd Rafi's sound modulation  experiments  in a recording studio!

    Simply standing in the studio he could whip up an avalanchesque scenario, just like tht, w/o Agra pethaa – Sairaa's presence, inspiring Shammi's Junglee gyrations in the far off Kashmir snowy mountains.

    That does not explain anything young man, which way the wind's blowing, why's it blowing tht way?

    Which way wind blows?

    Right to left, or left to right? 

    Whose right n left, Richard? 

    Yours or mine ?

    Your right becomes my left n vice versa? 

    On top of tht u'll further complicate matters by involving Northern n Southern hemispheres? 

    Whose North n whose South? 

    Doesnt the earth spin? 

    The wicket-keeper in a cricket match  knows best!

    Does he know who's responsible for the windy, over-cast, or  clear skies on the match-days?

    Why should he bother? 

     Thats the bookie's job, isn't it ?

    And who's the source for the bookie? 

    Richard Hammond? 

    And whats ur prediction of windy movements success ratio? 

    And ur cut in the winnings?

  2. As an update recent weather on Mt Washington this winter, Feb. 4th set some records with gusts of 204 kilometers per hour atop the peak saw the wind chill drop to minus 78C

  3. Wind is made from Hot and Cold temperatures, The high and lows as these temperature collide, and change these molecules, Makes STORMS. The stronger the storms, the stronger the winds. Same with the Jet Stream. That why wind is Humid or Dry

  4. 8.05secs (or there abouts) Richard is battling the wind, which reminds me of going to work, 3 miles walking against the wind the morning after the Great Storm of '87… Far too windy to cycle that morning.

  5. سلحآ£ن£الهلك،آلد£يو£ث£يحب*يركب£عليه~بالتعاون؛مع£عبيده،آلسآ€قطآ£ت£في£مملكة£آلسآ€قطآ€ت

  6. well I'm living far far away from these tornadoes but I don't know about u guys living near these places as Reeds and his type of people storm chasers are so neglected and underrated as risking their lives to study and research about this events to create and design safety warning andprecaution for the mass and help save lives as much as possible and now you tell me where is the gratitude and appreciation will be graded and you have only 43 comments…??????

  7. Ecclesiastes 1:6
    “The wind goeth toward the south, and turneth about unto the north; it whirleth about continually, and the wind returneth again according to his circuits.”

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