What To View For As Intense Weather Threatens Minnesota

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It really is likely to be an essential day to spend attention what is actually happening in the skies, due to the fact modern forecast is so unconventional.


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  1. Tornadoes spawn from tropical depression coming up from Gulf of Mexico. Anytime…..any day or night. We get many tornadoes from hurricanes blowing inland. The atmosphere spins counter clockwise…as the two fronts collide. Should cold over lap warm..a temperature inversion is created…the cold air punches down. Warm air resistance Varys…and high n low pressure as well. It’s either a good the cold air..wrings out the moisture in the warm air…it can’t carry the moisture over the cold air. It condenses..falls…or forms fog. The transition is also heated by the sun. Which is why…tornadoes tend to be less frequent at night. Thankfully. The jet stream….never to be stopped….eventually pushing snow and cold over everything…’s quite a transition. And can either all melt….or get extremely cold. The Halloween blizzard was of this type. Half thunderstorm Half Blizzard. Thunder could be heard. No snow tornadoes though……thankfully. Seems…..the cold surface inhibits formation. So…..snow cover. Prevents tornadoes. If you want to be positive about this.

  2. I’m 56. Every few years……we get a “Will it be a white Christmas.” Brown yards are nothing new….but rare. Beware. We’re gonna get some rain…and potential a quick freeze…but hopefully not. This..could make the morning commute really bad. It’s a perfect Northeast tracksuit night storm. High winds in Nebraska already reported. I recommend you check weather n conditions…a bit earlier then normal. When I was about 12. Had a paper route. Woke was glazed ice on everything. Thinking………I took my boots off. I put on several pairs of socks…..and then put on my Dad’s Golf shoes……Black n White wing tipped…..but had metal spikes! Perfect! I did my was all still dark. Came back…schools were being closed. I went back to sleep. My Dad…waking up in the morning light..saw the tracks up n down our driveway and his golf shoes by the front door. He let me sleep! “Clever…very clever.” He told me later.



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