What to Do If You’re in Fire Tornado Path Suddenly

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It sounds like a scene you’d only see in Hollywood doomsday movies. You’re in your back yard grilling up some burgers when all of a sudden a tornado appears before you! You run to escape the twister, but then you notice…this is no normal tornado. This one’s on fire!!! ? Do you have a chance to survive a fire tornado? Sure! If you act fast and know exactly what to do and what to beware of most. Here’s a hint: the most dangerous part isn’t even the flames! ?

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  1. I had a dream about surviving a fire tornado last night but just barely. So I did what any normal person would do. I went on Youtube to learn what to do the next time I’m caught in fire tornado in my sleep. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Nah tornadoes can't occur everywhere there are places around the earth where they can't never occur so any funnel clouds in mountains it is highly likely that that funnel cloud will dissipate in the air without reaching the ground itself

  3. This is really weird but I had a dream about a firenado and that it destroyed the art department and 6 th form building but the day after in art the fire alarm went off but it was just a drill weird huh

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