What Just Happened On Our Earth!!! July 2023 #Naturaldisasters

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Natural disasters are unforeseen events caused by nature for nature and usually cause great damage to humans, property and the environment. Examples of this are hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, forest fires and volcanic eruptions. These events can be reinforced by natural processes and by the influence of humans. It is important to prepare for possible natural disasters and take appropriate protective measures in order to minimize the effects.

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  1. Ang pagkatalo ng dalawang saksi ay nangyari nga na ang salitang kalapastanganan mula lupa hanggang langit ay sinabi na gayon halika umakyat kayo rito!

  2. 📌 “And I do not know what I give you good tidings of! Is it of the sterile wind? Or of the torment of a painful day? Or of the torment of a painful day? Or of the torment of rain from mountains of hail like stones? Or of the torment of a flood from above you? Or of the torment of earthquakes from under your feet? And the furnace sprung up and a heat rose.

  3. I gave u a 👍🏼for the vid , its hard work and much appreciated; but the music is seriously more than i can bear. Thanks for bringing us all of events around the world, so we can pray, and help in anyway possible. God bless you and keep you and all of these people in these catastrophic events

  4. There’s a scientific explanation other than god, stop being head in the sand idiots. Greenhouse gasses released by humans are unequivocally the cause of warming. More warmth=more energy=more extreme weather. Duh

  5. Those quoting the Bible, have an extraordinary intellectual inadequacy. As I recall, there were epic geographical events that occurred in biblical scripture. Every generation thinks they are the last. Complete jackasses.

  6. Climate change is not true!! This is the wrath of GOD because of evil of people! The earth soil will burn on fire the cloud will deisappear. No mars no moon no other biilion star no one will survive if you are an Anti Christ

  7. I prophesy and speak against the inhabitants of the earth that continue in sin and rebellion against God's word willingfully knowing the truth and the judgement that would come against them for doing so! The Lord God of host shall utterly destroy and remove you from the earth for thine sin and thine iniquity! I speak against you and I say your time has come and God shall render unto you according to your works! He shall give you evil for evil! For thine disobedience has reached heaven and God said your time is now! So shall great signs come from heaven to destroy you and pestilence, and war and you shall be consumed of all manor of plagues thus saith the Lord God of host! Lest you repent and seek him with thine whole heart you shall perish!

  8. People think this is bad? It's only the beginning of sorrows. The Father in Heaven is trying to wake people up to turn to his son Jesus. The earth is a sinking ship and Jesus is the only life boat.

  9. La Bibbia promette un futuro meraviglioso per gli esseri umani e per la terra. E quel giorno non è lontano. In effetti, i problemi che ci sono oggi dimostrano che stiamo vivendo negli “ultimi giorni” di questo mondo (2 Timoteo 3:1-5). Presto Dio interverrà ed eliminerà le ingiustizie e le sofferenze. Per far questo si servirà di un governo mondiale, il Regno di Dio (Daniele 2:44; Rivelazione [Apocalisse] 11:15). Gesù aveva in mente proprio questo governo celeste quando disse nella preghiera modello: “Venga il tuo Regno. Si compia la tua volontà […] sulla terra” (Matteo 6:9, 10).

     Quello che Dio ha in mente per l’umanità è chiaramente descritto nella Bibbia. Ecco alcuni problemi che il Regno di Dio eliminerà:

     Non ci sarà più la fame. “La terra darà il suo frutto” (Salmo 67:6).

     Non ci saranno più le malattie. “Nessun abitante dirà: ‘Sono malato’” (Isaia 33:24).

     Non ci sarà più la morte. Dio “asciugherà ogni lacrima” dagli occhi degli esseri umani, “e la morte non ci sarà più, né ci sarà più lutto né lamento né dolore. Le cose di prima sono passate” (Rivelazione 21:3, 4).

  10. The fact that barely anyone on social media is really emphasizing the fact that these natural disasters are happening one after the other all over the world is so so so saddening and I hate to see the world like this. I can enjoy life knowing this is all happening….

  11. I do not know why all the governments of this planet aren’t coming together for the real problems that are happening right now on this planet.
    Both north, and south poles are melting at a rate where scientists cannot keep up. This is a natural process that this planet has gone through many many times before and it’s proven by geologists and their findings with in the stratified rock levels indicating that our planet goes through natural disasters also it is in the ice cores of Antarctica and Greenland. Our carbon footprint doesn’t help, but it is irrelevant compared to what mother earth does naturally. People have to understand and do the research for themselves. Main stream media will not talk about these real scientific discoveries. Anyone can look at the scientific papers and data, themselves. The main stream media will not talk about this because a great many people will panic.
    My suggestion: go to higher ground. Make sure you have plenty of water and food for your loved ones and tell them you love them and be happy in the moment. Nothing before in all my 65 years on this planet have I seen such chaos. It seems mother nature , our planet, that goes through her turnings! Love and light to you all!

  12. Do our thoughts influence nature?

    Indeed, our thoughts influence nature.

    We live in a single global-integral system of nature, we influence it with our thoughts, and we receive feedback accordingly.

    Similar to laws that operate on mechanical, electronic, electromagnetic and other material and biological scales, when we press, push or constrain something, we receive a response. Likewise, when we think positively or negatively about others, we accordingly receive a response.

    The global-integral reality in which we live is a closed system, and we receive responses from it according to our attitudes to it.



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