What is the backlink among intense climate and local climate alter? – BBC News

Excessive temperature events in Italy, Australia and Japan are thought by lots of to be linked to gentleman-designed local climate change.

In the Italian alps, at the very least seven men and women have been killed after remaining caught in an avalanche sparked by the collapse of the Marmolada glacier.

Meanwhile, Australia’s major town Sydney noticed torrential rain and flooding, in which a gentleman died and 1000’s have been evacuated.

At the conclusion of June, Japan endured its worst heatwave at any time recorded which observed more than 5,000 across the country hospitalised.

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  1. The moment China become industrialised and development is happening in no time then suddenly climate change theory come out of nowhere. Where was it when European industrial revolution happened? Strange timing to announce 'climate change is happening '??

  2. Stop spraying the atmosphere with the white unmarked jets for the wireless systems and expanded development. Alumina sticking and moving billions of gallons of water vapor, barium, herbicides & insecticides, what do you expect to happen. Look at the sky. Cellphone and satellites beaming EMF signals is warm, etc. Are you willing to give up wireless? That's the real question

  3. The universe and the sun the moon gravity, evolution, natural change ,how pig headed can "Humanity " be to think it has such an influence on such great an awesome matters??

  4. The link is geoengineering weather modification. Yet every government and socia media services seem to denie its happening. Wake up humans we are being slowly exterminated. Climste change is from geoengineering point blank.

  5. We need to pump water to transfer water from river or near liquid sources to freeze water again at top of himalay or zero point of Antarctica..

  6. CO2 levels fixed. Fossil fuel free heat

    A flame of oil or gas, already does safe and clean molecular nuclear fusion. Turning regular steam into helium and oxygen gases, with massive heat and X rays. Which is why a fossil fuel burning produces so much heat. We are doing nuclear fusion on earth.

    1 CH₄+3O₂+spark+P→(CO₂+(2-r)H₂O-E₁)+r(He+O+E₂+L+X-ray) (E₂-E₁)=45kW/m most of the heat is taken up with oxidising the carbon atom.

    A flame of fossil fuels only gives out helium, visible light and X rays, he was a steam plasma does molecular nuclear fusion. Which produces 1.3 megawatts/m offline. This is calculated from the 5 tonnes of helium ions a lightening strike produces, as it does molecular nuclear fusion. 2.5×10³⁰W our carbon zero heat.

  7. Nothing to do with man. Carbon free motoring

    Within 5 minutes around the temperate earth, 80 carbon dioxide is converted by photosynthesis into plant biomass. No possible weather effect. Carbon dioxide in the arctic winter doubles from the temperate level of just two parts per million, to four PPM. Air temperature -50° C!

    Is very much not whether warming! Every 3 minutes around the world there is a steam plasma – a 2 CM thick x 1.5km steam plasma. Which liberates 2.5×10³⁰W our carbon zero power, as it turns regular water into helium and oxygen gases, with massive heat, light and even X rays. There is no chemical source of visible light or X rays. Or helium gas!

    We are doing molecular nuclear fusion.

    1 H₂O+P+PL→He+O+E²+L+X-ray

    So nature does nuclear fusion in the air, from regular water every 3 minutes throughout the year. Nature gets so much heat from this energy source!

  8. Have we crossed the point of no return in terms of damaging the planet? There is no such point. We need to trust that our thought, which is our greatest quality, can change nature. We only need to understand the direction to which we should aim our thoughts. What should we think about? What condition or state should we aspire to and ask for?

    In order to save our planet, we should think about positive human connections. That is, how can we, in our connections, keep nature safe? How can we all together protect our world? If we truly wish to better our planet, then we should see people holding a concern for how to positively connect everywhere that we look.

    It has nothing to do with recycling or other activities that we commonly associate with as being sustainable. If we come closer to and consider each other, that we will reach an entirely organic, perfectly connected and round state, then the negative forces will disappear from the world.

    We need to understand that if we start thinking better about each other, then the planet will recover from all harm, because our thoughts are the strongest force in nature. Likewise, our negative thoughts about each other are entirely to blame for damaging the planet. That is why the more we recycle and invest in energies and activities that we commonly think of as being sustainable, the worse our planet becomes. Nothing will work to benefit us until we reach a state where our attitude changes toward each other for the better to protect and improve our planet.

  9. Climate Change solved. The climate started cooling 1995

    It is the regular 28 year period of global warming and cooling. Cause by predictable solar emission cycles. Carbon dioxide has no effect!

    The trace level of carbon dioxide in the temperate air there is just two parts per million. It's static level since before humanity evening evolved. The manmade global warming rubbish was invented by nuclear power, to distract the world from the toxic nature of uranium nuclear power.

    After the Chernobyl incident 1986 – demonstrated that nuclear power should not be done! 2010 and Japan experience the Fukushima incident. And both Japan and Germany renouncing uranium nuclear power.

  10. Truth heating the entire world just a single degree can have terrible effects for the world we are starting to enter into the world wide mass extension event of all species..

  11. Climate changes make extreme weather which would help shrink the human population, and make ? more and more inhabitable for many, less people means less greenhouse emissions so it's good. Nature is resetting its equilibrium with mankind.

  12. carry out an experiment of 11 air fillled glass chambers with thermocouples in and datalogged to a pc to record the air temperature every minute for 24 hours. first chamber should contain 0.00% co2, the second 0.01% co2, the third 0.02% co2, the fourth 0.03% co, the fith 0.04% co2, the sixth 0.05% co2, the seventh 0.06% co2, the eighth 0.07% co2, the nineth 0.08% co2, the tenth 0.09% co2and the 11th 0.10% co2. all equidistant from a heat source while their contents temperatures are recorded every minute
    if there is a corelation in data, then we can conclude that co2 does infact influence air temperature and all high school students from around the world can carry out the experiment to confirm the case for co2 without arguments. otherwise all those locked up in prisons around the world on corruption, fraud and theft charges should be released back into society.

  13. You're sure are you? Positive that the increased heat contributed to the glacier melting? It is still politically fraught? Wow. What stupendous morons. News flash! You can relax. It's too late. You've delayed meaningful action until it doesn't matter what you do. Billions will die by 2040, and most of those will go to their deaths oblivious. It also doesn't matter what you or they believe. The one thing now … that would matter … would be the decommissioning of all nuclear reactor sites … otherwise it is indisputable that every single one of us will die, along with all other life. I think that is the choice we will make … by doing nothing and refusing to make a choice because we aren't willing to accept reality.

  14. yakuza operate in japan inpune transfering corporate money into pedofilic pornography. nothing is done about it. 2 busy sanctioning the russians that DONT want lgbtq in they country. vote for ukraine who want nato in ukraine to force lgbtq on russia. 

    boycott japan now until yakuza is no longer institution.

  15. The link between climate change and extreme weather. Is global weather modification… truth be told. Massive global geoengineering…. is causing the extreme weather. The government doesnt want you to know.

  16. lgbtq movement is like the new "communism". in ur face by force n if u speak about it they come down on u like a tone of bricks. down with the oppressive lgbtq movement.

  17. I live in Texas and we had more 98-100 degrees Fahrenheit the past several months then I can remember. I thought it would be after my life time to see extreme temps. Typically it would be 92-93 degrees in previous years.

  18. Scientists have been warning us for decades but nobody took them serious because climate change wasn't visible with the naked eye. Now that we see the climate changing before our very eyes, it is too late for 'climate action'. All we can do is to mitigate and hope for the best.

    A: There is already enough CO² in the atmosphere to bring us way beyond 2C.

    B: Dozens of feedback loops that we have absolutely no control over are accelerating the process of global warming.

    We are now in abrupt irreversible exponential climate change.

    Climate change is not a crisis with a beginning and an end, it will get from bad to worse to unbearable. Up until the point where our industrial civilization will collapse. Forests burning, cities burning, nuclear power plants burning. The end.

    I made a few videos that you may find interesting to watch.

  19. how can all this be caused by people ??? really ???! how much of the earth is actually populated the earth is changing like it always has and it's actually going in to an ice age and that's why it's doing what it's doing. this is not caused by people that is an ideology of control.

  20. yakuza operate in japan inpune transfering corporate money into pedofilic pornography. nothing is done about it. 2 busy sanctioning the russians that DONT want lgbtq in they country. vote for ukraine who want nato in ukraine to force lgbtq on russia. 

    boycott japan now until yakuza is no longer institution.

  21. Why are the rich and famous millionaires building mansions on all the beaches around the world if the waters are rising at a rapid pace. It’s because they know it’s BS.

  22. 《there a hidden superpower controlling this nature? 》
    Major countries, whether in terms of financial resources, human resources, power of global technology and other energies, did the human being of these countries wonder why we were not able to protect us from disasters that befall us despite the capabilities we have? Is there a hidden superpower controlling this nature? Who will be able to make these disasters with such power, in all the continents of the planet? it is indeed the creator of this world. No one is associated with him for the creation of this world, he is the sole creator of this universe with all that exists between the 7 heavens and the earth. His name is 《Allah》(God)
    1》Say: He is Allah, the One and Only
    2》Allah, the Eternal, Absolute;
    3》He begetteth not, nor is He begotten;
    4》And there is none like unto Him.

    Despite everything, what exists in this universe, You have never esteemed Allah by his just worth, he is Knower of all that you do.
    ☆What do you answer if Allah (God) tells you in His Quran:
    ●《And not a leaf falls that he doesn't know》. If This creator knows that a leaf from a tree is falling, and then how come imagined the creator of this world is absent from all climate change and all the disasters that are happening in the planet we live in and even in the sky ? Are the causes of these disasters related to our works? Of course, Allah has demonstrated in his sacred book 《Quran》says: 《Corruption has arisen on the land and in the sea because of what people have done with their own hands; so that [Allah] may make them taste some of what they have worked; perhaps they will return (to Allah)》.(Surah 30/41) Because of corrupt regimes and human evils to go through the many injustices and corruption on land and sea, and all forms of major and minor sins, same-sex marriages, extreme atheism, fight against peace and security…So ,Allah names them all as criminals in the Quran.

  23. Yesterday communication technology use based at 248 Bondi Road Bondi NSW Australia involved discussion of remote access mobile phone root software created by United States government specialists being misused by the 2 main conspirators former US president Donald Trump and certified-as-deceased former Australian Federal Police officer Jon(Jonathan) to further victimise and scapegoat myself by accessing Apple and Android operating system mobile phones around the world in order to character assassinate myself with the government technology computer systems using despicable imagery computer system use that is displayed randomly on the mobile phones of a vast amount of citizens internationally now that both men have been permanently ruined for the remainder of their lives due to information I have reported to government departments in The United States of America and Australia. Information I have been documenting on Facebook of Donald Trump and former Australian Federal Police officer Jon(Jonathan) for over 2 years has also greatly lead to the decline of their personal lives as has video imagery streamed on the internet that casts embarrassment on both of them.

  24. Everyone knows that we are responsible for global warming so it is useless to just talk. Instead what we have done is used natural resources, polluted them, and put the lives of all species in more danger by using nuclear weapons… in search of luxury and power, the earth is going to be no man's land.

  25. How to minimise the Entropy! It is a big challenge. It may be possible to reduce the fuel burning, the giving up nuclear race, avoiding wars and warrior technology. 50 per cent responsibility is on our part.

  26. The oceans act as thermostat but due to lack of raining they prove ineffective to encounter the heat waves. Why!
    I think that plantation should be increased so that heat may be reduced by absorption by the leaves and stop land cutting by water waves during over flooding. Dames for storing water are needed and water loss should be minimised.

  27. All such climatic changes are due to the unusual heat waves caused by the infrared and ultraviolet rays.
    Moreover, the Ozonic shield is being damaged by the extensive use of coal combustion producing air pollution.
    But the unexpected changes on the surface of the sun and the weakening of the Earths magnetic field can not be ignored.

  28. Blame China they emit 30% of global emissions and thanks to the Paris and Glasgow climate agreements don't have to rely so much on weather and time of day dependent energy sources – wind and solar. The developed world will never be able to offset growth in emissions from the developing world unless we curtail our standard of living – which is exactly the point. Yet China has a growing nuclearized military, 400km/h trains and world class telecommunications. Not bad for a developing country.


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