WHAT IS Happening? / STORM Eunice 185 km/h WINDS United Kingdom / Poland Twister / Peculiar SKIES

February 18 2022 #unitedkingdom #stormeunice #polandtornado
WHAT IS Happening? / 185 km/h WINDS United Kingdom / #poland Twister / Peculiar SKIES

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  1. Strange weather here in Tennessee, one minute its hot the next day its snowing never seen anything like this but deep down inside gut feeling we all know whats going on, also we are definitely in a new cycle, we haven't seen anything yet, this is just the tip of the iceberg. You are on point about the movie the Day after Tomorrow. Thanks for informing us, you're doing a great job, we need to stay on guard and alert.

  2. Yes! Three blizzards in 4 weeks. One started with an earthquake, then a thunder snow, ice, super strong winds creating fires and in between 70 free days. Not normal for Kansas! Like what the?!

  3. The worlds weather is chaotic, the sun is going berserk, people across the globe are fighting each other for freedom and a general mass confusion in terms of human identity. We are in the end times. The only way out of this is to return to God and repent. Then and only then will world peace be achieved, but unfortunately this will not happen unless God intervenes and brings upon humanity divine justice or the upcoming chastisements. We are coming to the end of the time of Mercy. After that the chastisements will be upon us.

  4. I really don’t think our weather is being geo engineers they really are just cyclic natural occurrences it’s just because we don’t live on the planet for millennium that we would know any different so we can only go by the experience that is before us the current weather conditions that we experience in our 100 your lifetime is due to the grand solar minimum and the pole shift if everybody was taught about the expectations of those planetary cyclic events everything and everyone would remain calm and be able to proceed and prepare accordingly just like the ancients did. Problem is if they use weather is a political gauge that’s what they do and that’s why people are questioning reality . The other thing everybody needs to remember and to take into consideration this we are part of a universe you have to understand astrology and astronomy a little bit of astrobiology and put it all into perspective and there you will see truth.

  5. I agree with you that there is a lot of geo-engineering being done to the weather. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and floods are off the charts.We live in crazy times and the meteorite showers are increasing and will get much worse. It's a good time to get prepared. Thank you for your work.

  6. Womdering if combinations volcanic ash and solar flares change in the jet streams and maybe magnetic field shift making impact on weather. God is speaking to us keep watch. Thank you for your posts.

  7. They were all across the sky with their fat Xs a couple days ago up over sierra mnts then my nose and eyes water the next day and now we have chaos SHOCKING ?‍♀️

  8. Right now in western Pennsylvania the winds are crazy wild I'm worried about the trampoline flipping over I tied it down to two trees… We got a nice white out earlier.

  9. There IS serious climate change happening and it's accelerating every second of the day and we can't do anything to stop it. The Artic permafrost is thawing at an accelerated pace and adding tons of released methane and carbon dioxide(greenhouse gases) into the athmosphere. I think due to this one reason the Artic is heating faster and faster.
    The glaciers and ice sheets on earth are also melting releasing water vapor(also a greenhouse gas) into the atmosphere adding to the climate dilemma. Hopefully all the trapped methane under the seafloor on the Eastern Siberian shelf dosen't add to all this. People…it's snowball going downhill picking up pace and getting bigger every second. This is our climate…at least the athmosphere part. The oceans are a totally different ballgame. I can sum that up in a few paragraphs but I have laundry to to. Another time. Take care and get your Daily Events Worldwide the best commentary ever! Thanks so much Mike.

  10. The sky's are very active here in Edmonton Alberta, the solar flares are effectiving everyone and everything here on earth, we are be bombarded with solar flares and the asteroids and comets that are passing by earth right now, there is much havoc around us in the solar and lunar system, they have very much to do with our weather. Yes you can be afraid, but there isn't anything to do but be calm and let it happen. The earth needs your love vibes right now. As you awKen you will understand what I am saying. No! You are not going crazy. ??

  11. Been noticing the location change of my sunset, looked up this: the Earth's axis is tilted 23.5 degrees from the plane of its orbit around the sun. And knowing the magnetic poles are on the move, the sun is acting up, and earth is letting in more solar/galactic storms… nothing will surprise me with our changing weather.

  12. The lines that DEW has pointed out could be the result of the military of the USA testing their new hypersonic missiles and aircraft ? Traveling in excess of three up to even seven times the speed of sound. Unmanned aircraft that fly by use of AI computer technology.

  13. #689 here. I've known weather modification/geoengineering has been going on since around WW2. Surely the 20's and 30's could be correct Mike. #NOFEARHERE. Sure has been a pleasant experience being associated with Y'all. Many thanks an Much Love.

  14. I view very HIGH AMOUNT OF MOIST FROM NORD AMERICA THAT SHOT UP TO THE FRONT IN THE ATLANTIC POWERING… WOW I noticed that there is an "imaginary line" that tends to always remain under high pressure … I am referring to Italy, Spain, etc. … just think that in North East Italy it was months that it did not rain … since yesterday and a few what even today we saw a few drops of rain … ABSURD.

  15. I think it's like the theory of The Big chill. I hope it doesn't happen because the planet getting colder is worse than the planet getting warmer right?

  16. Thank You so much Daily Events World Wide ? Anyone else witnessing the wild spiral signatures going off in Cuba at two locations ? You can see them for yourself on the windy website by clicking the cloud and lightning symbol. If you click the 12hr time loop you can watch the signatures spin, disappear, then reappear at different times. Two days ago the signatures ran over 24hrs non stop and changed patterns throughout the day. James from World News Report Today has made several videos about these signatures. I’ve been watching them myself since mid December, but now the signatures are much more active, please check it out ?

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