What influence does severe weather conditions problems have on a human physique? | WION Local weather Tracker

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What impression does severe weather conditions disorders have on a human overall body or how the system interacts with the atmosphere in freezing chilly circumstances, get a glimpse!

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  1. The coldest habitated village on Earth is Omyakon in East Siberia with minus seventy one degrees Celsius once measured. The lab in your video reaches -40 C. Our present warming precedes, as many times in the past, a mini ice age expected around 2045. Our electric grid is insufficient for it.

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  4. If the Globalists would stop seeding clouds and planting bombs around volcanos then we wouldn't have to worry these extreme conditions, in fact we wouldn't have to worry about any climate problems. The Globalists are killing the world.

  5. But it's getting hotter and hotter, now the new 'extreme condition' we need to face is scorching heat.
    Winter are disappearing and we better not find a justification for it.

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  8. Complete waste of money – Italians won't fare well in subzero conditions nor extreme heat. There are already humans that have adapted and evolved to live in extreme conditions.