Weather & Excessive Temperature Information #3 (August 21st-27th 2016)

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  1. The Pentagon is responsible for the single highest carbon emissions on the planet, then there's the continuing global increase in industrialization, and the ever rising airline traffic which are all responsible for huge emissions of greenhouse gasses. Does anyone think the massive global, military industrial complex will be willing to get off fossil fuels anytime in the foreseeable future? Even now fossil fuel demand and use continues to skyrocket to feed the growing, greedy corporate push for industrialization and exploitation of third world nations. I just can't see how a fossil fuel reliant world driven by war, military agression and greed for more and more profits can ever kick their addiction to fossil fuels. I just can't imagine they will willingly invest the millions and billions of the global currencies (not to mention the time) it will take in order to convert weapons of war, airplanes and industry over to clean alternatives even by the end of the century. Facing reality means facing the fact that as long as unregulated capitalism – the push for ever higher and higher profits and continual growth – exists and governments are bought off and largely controlled by corporate interests and the behemoths of finance – I just don't see it happening. The reality of greed, the quest for power and control of resources and their continuing and rapidly increasing, horrible consequences to the natural world makes me literally feel sick.

  2. More BS backed up by fantasy. Warmest year on record…..what a load. If you delete the 1930 from the average (which they have done) you might get closer. Alas, there has been no warming since 1998 and in fact, the last three years it has actually started cooling. Some scientists at WSU have dug up the originals NASA and NOAA data and guess what, it has been altered. The ARGO system has shown that in fact, the average ocean temp is dropping. There are about 3600 of these sensors that go from the top to about 1000 m down and then report to a satellite when they re-surface in real time.

  3. why do we have to have Assholes like this guy asking stupid questions and guiding the conversation. can't we just have a scientist come on and speak. I hate these so called newscasters / journalists.

  4. Listen, say what you want about climate change but I haven't been able to take the kids sledging in over three years in the winter months due to no snow, and I stay in the Highlands of Scotland!!! Something is wrong here!

  5. Maybe we are just an experiment. We are exploring new info and they are recording it for their own expansion of their knowledge. god wants to know more. He doesn't know everything….yet. He is using us for his accumulation of knowledge.

  6. Sea level will rise 1 meter every 10 years at least till we reduce carbon dioxide contamination of our biosphere. Take a look on who will will be displaced by this. Furthermore all the weather changes are unpredictable, Likely more powerful Hurricanes, Droughts and floods are much more likely. Antarctica is next', good luck if you live near the Ocean.

  7. All the deniers here need to understand 2 basic truths:

    1. Greenhouse gases (GHGs) lead to a warming of the Earth.

    2. We have been dumping GHGs into the atmosphere for hundreds of years now.

    Enough said.

  8. Don't worry everyone, our elected representatives are sure to muster up the courage to sign a climate deal to reduce emission by 30% over the next 20 years or so. They're on it! Nothing to worry about, just keep casting your precious votes!

  9. Overpopulation is the gasoline being thrown on the fire! Capitalism is the cancer that is rapidly KILLING our very fragile planet. You're in complete denial if you think otherwise!

    We were all taught at a young age the difference between finite and infinite yet we pretend that we have an unlimited supply of resources on this small rock out in the middle of nowhere! Our days are numbered!

  10. In much of the Arctic, the methane release has increased tremendously,  planes flying through the methane clouds often have engine trouble because there is scarcely enough oxygen to keep the engines running. Up until a few years ago, there were vast areas of stagnant air in the Arctic, the wind didn't disturb the silence.   That is gone, the air is moving now. In the last couple of days a tropical typhoon/hurricane ripped into Far Eastern Russia, typhoon Lionrock. The warm moist air, and the warm water in the rain is going to be playing hell on the permafrost.   And then, there is the ever increasing amounts of methane being released. As the permafrost melts away, the uncovered animal poopies, still smell like animal poopiness, and the bacteria and microbes within might contain viruses and infections that no living animal in this day and age would be able to deal with. A variant of tetanus killed dozens of people in Greenland,  but that's another part of the story.   The wind patterns of the rotation of the planet, from the top, the polar winds, low to the ground, increasing in height from the pole region, to the lower latitudes, arriving at the Ferrel Cell,  about 60 degrees north, with a natural lift of the warmth carried in along the surface from the south, returning southward across the upper level altitudes. Going southward to about 30 to 40 degrees north. And then there are the Hadley cells, coming in from the trade winds area near the equator, bringing the heat and moisture from the south elevated, then turning towards the ground as the barrier of the edge of the Ferrel Cell is contacted.  Meanwhile, in real time, the process of moving the air from the Arctic, to a place as far away as Kentucky, can take just a few days. The vast quantities of methane, being released in the Arctic, is a lighter gas, it will rise upwards to a higher altitude, as it piggybacks the Ferrel Cells southward, it will at first be stopped at the Hadley Cell boundary, the moisture will be drawn downward with the air flow, but the methane will continue to accumulate along the horse latitudes boundary, every bit of it.   The atmosphere at the Arctic and Antarctic regions is very shallow, near the equator the atmosphere is several times thicker, or rather higher. The methane will naturally rise to a point of equilibrium in the atmosphere, and accumulate. So, with the ever increasing flow of methane coming from the Arctic, we should at least prepare to concern ourselves with a methane cloud encircling the planet, with the refractive ability of a magnifying glass, causing storms that continue year roundrepeatedly circling the planet, and then the outer bands of the trade winds, being a secondary flow in either direction, and then there is the pure methane layer that will form in the northern hemisphere first. Cold, during the winter months, will be a quicly gone memory.   And then it will be interesting to see what happens when a vast area of permafrost just gives way and dissolves, the volcanic magma that has been withheld for tens of millions of years, will emerge into an environment that is methane fumes and methane hydrates.   It is so fun to watch these videos that mention the "future", in twenty, fifty, or a hundred years.   The biggest problem, or rather the most pressing concern, will be when the first volcanic intrusion contacts the atmosphere in the Arctic, it will be near or within the Eastern Siberian Arctic Shelf,  the continuous fire, the continued melting, the continued volcanic expansion, and by the way, the continued rapid acceleration of expansion and methane fires,,, the resulting activity, will pretty much displace much if not all of the Arctic Ocean. The tidal wave as it goes by Greenland will be several miles high.   Without getting into too much detail, the water in the State of Georgia, along the Eastern USA, will go up about 8 to ten feet in the first five days, and in a couple more days, may go up another 3 to 5 feet. And it will never go back down.

  11. I know that most of the world uses the metric system of measurement. But the US is a rather large country and its inhabitants refuse to adapt to the metric system. If you want to get them excited about a 50 centimeter rise in sea levels you need to mention that is equal to nearly 2 feet. Then tell them which cities will suffer from that additional rise in sea level. That way they can say, "Miami? Why should I care? I live in Kansas."

  12. This is such bull shit. Wasting tines of money we could be spending on cyber defense. The government can't help but get hacked in 2016 and this bullshit is the greater threat. Please. Look up the carbon emissions released by volcanos everyday and then by humans. Lol

  13. This question is specifically for Understanding Climate Change. I wanted to know your thoughts and views towards Guy Mcpherson and what he and his followers say about abrupt climate change causing human extinction within the next 14 years. He says this will be due to the methane from the Siberian permafrost and global temperatures rising beyond human survival by 2030. He says it's too late to stop this, that there's nothing that can be done, that the effects from climate change are now irreversible and that humanity is done no matter what we do because what we're trying to do now should've been done 40 years ago. Can you scientifically debunk these claims?

  14. I think whats missing is the pole shift which started 2012 and is still going on (if the folks reporting on the sun activity is correct) and then we have reports that the antartic is seeing record level of freezing waters creating a much larger ice mass than in the past.
    So maybe these cycles are normal and man has not been around long enough to record them? I believe the russia core samples showed the last poke shift was like 3000 years ago.
    Just something to consider?




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