Weather conditions gatherings around the globe June 20, 2022: Abnormal heat and fires in Europe

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Overview of temperature and natural functions all over the World.
What is taking place in this planet: purely natural disasters on the planet of Earth.
The newest news about temperature situations and disasters.

In Spain, irregular warmth has prompted fires – they are known as one of the most significant in the modern record of the region. Currently 11 provinces are on fireplace, the fire is approaching household places, mass evacuations have started in some metropolitan areas. In overall, according to push reviews, 28,000 hectares (61,776 acres) of forests and farmland have currently burned down. An even greater area is on hearth suitable now. Sizzling temperature has also settled in Italy, Portugal, the British isles, Germany and France. In sites, the air temperature reaches 45 degrees C (113 degrees F). Meteorologists mentioned that in the future several times, a drop in air temperature must not be predicted.

A violent sandstorm suddenly strike the coastline of Normandy, France. The very hot weather conditions that has settled in most of Europe forced the locals to appear for coolness in close proximity to the sea. Footage from France exhibits people fleeing the beach as a dust storm hits them. A potent wind swept away bathing satisfies and deck chairs.

The channel presents these weather conditions occasions and organic disasters as:

1. H2o: rain, hail, snowfall, flood, mudflow, tsunami, high tide, large rainfall, snow, substantial waves, river flooding, dam overflow, ice flood, snowfall.
2. Fire: hearth, forest fire, volcanic lava, lightning.
3. Earth: earthquake, landslide, rockfall, sinkhole.
4. Air: twister, hurricane, wind, cyclone, storm, storm, sandstorm, tropical storm.
5. Area: lunar eclipse, solar eclipse, planetary parade, asteroid, comet, world, satellite, meteorite, UFO, fireball in the sky, space debris, complete moon, ISS, area exploration, House X, NASA.
6. Nature: animals, bugs, plants, climatic zones, pure functions and phenomena.

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  2. I am sorry to say the cause of insulting mocking the Quran…. Remember???? This is much lesser than hellfire. May The Almighty Allah forgive and protect them. Ameen.

  3. Like floods in Australia from seeded clouds amd the fires deliberately ignited with stories of childhood arsonists. Are you going to believe these extreme so called natural disasters are normal.

    Where's you government trying to move you out of and into. Smart Cities they call them, where they'll have you under 24/7 surveillance and you travel no more than 15 minutes from home.

  4. If no one will be concern to the climate change,sooner or later the whole world will burn..leaders should take a serious meeting regarding this matters but if they don't,the earth will no longer exist after 10 years..

  5. 2022년 6월 24일 일본 동남쪽
    해저 11.0 지진/쓰나미로 일본, 대만 멸망 & 동 중국해 연안 7억명 사망 제주도와 남해안 지진 감지시 신속히 고지대로 대피 하세요

  6. It is true that as I researched and analyzed that year 65 The severity of global warming will be heavier than the year 64. and year 66 will be heavier than year 64 and 65 combined.
    The damage will be more than millions of dollars.
    But if the UN approves me to tackle global warming, we won't have to spend a lot of money each year.

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  9. Luke 21:11 – "And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven." People, do you connect to this?

  10. Natural disasters have happened for thousands of years.The end is NOT near. Back in 2009 "experts" and Al Gore predicted that by 2014 snow will be just a thing of the past and the polar icecaps would disappear. Mother Nature refuses to cooperate as ordered with "experts" and con men. That 2014 timeline has been changed multiple times to no avail. Mother nature remains defiant.

  11. This year is the year of abnormal for massive fires and flooding around the world. God please help everyone, Amen 🙏 🙏🙏🙏



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