Weather conditions Extremes Are Devastating California

California’s current floods led to a lot more fatalities than the final two wildfire seasons mixed, and they’re only a preview of the state’s severe climate long run.

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Written by weatherwtf


  1. When u live in Cali, what are you paying for exactly? It's expensive for what? A homeless party? I'll never understand why someone would prefer to live there. Cali reminds me of apple, expensive and restrictive.

  2. It's quite nice and refreshing to see one of the worst polluting countries in the world get a taste of its own medicine. Third world countries have struggled way too long for the industrial BS Americans and the Chinese have caused, now taste it you yanks. It'll only get worse, and hopefully, someday you'll have to reckon with your reckless industrial abuse of resources, be it in your own land or those of the countries you've pillaged.

  3. So the weather and its intensity should always stay the same……….the Earth will always change, we as a species should focus on how we can sustain and dominate our solar system and be able to keep our species alive. This planet changes often and we cannot expect it to care about the human species just like it dint about any other, that is how life works. Human Beings is a rare species in a once in a billion chance and we need to take advantage of that or be forgotten like many other…….

  4. Makes me think about Horizon Forbidden West, where several West and mid-west big cities had to be evacuated because the climate hazards were no longer bearable.
    I think Salt Lake City is pretty close to that, with the desertification and the toxic lake bed being exposed to the wind.

  5. Do real estate agents let buyers know they are in a NO RESCUE zone? Are the buyers "invincible" and don't care?.. won't happen here??? Got a boat in the garage? Looks like good weather is not a reason to move to California anymore.

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