WATERING TREES IN Extraordinary Weather conditions

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  1. IBC means "Intermediate bulk containers". The common one here in the US, holds 250 US gallons with a little free space. Something to look at is a two inch female cam lock coupler with a hose barb will fit over the valve and lock on. A hose would be easier to use on the trees. Your very correct in needing to take care of young trees. Dry weather will really hurt them and much of the damage does not show up until the next year.
    I would love to be able to see your farm someday. It would be like a trip back in time for me. My maternal Grand Father's farm was much like yours in that there where old barns and orchard trees with livestock of all sorts. Milk cows, chickens, and pigs. He died when I was 13 and it all sold. Not a single building left and all the trees torn out making the whole farm just a big crop field. Makes me tear up every time I drive past.

  2. Horse chestnuts have been subject to non native leaf miners for a few years now. Round here (Essex) they look really stressed this time of year. The only natural control it seems is that Blue Tits have found out how to get at them. I hope it comes back next year.

  3. well…. i'm from the arizona deserts…. my advice to any farmer is to create a storm rainwater catchment/pond if you're able to … an acre pond 8 foot deep provides bout the same as 96 inches (234 cm) of "rain" which is enough for bout 20 acres of hay as well as bout 5 acres of veg and fruit…. it acts as a self insurance in times like this… increases your yield stability, reduces your reliance on ground water for stock and poultry, and provides a nice recreation area and fishing… use ram pumps, small windmill pumps, and small locks to move the water uphill to your pressure tank and stock tank.. use agriculture spray irrigation system for your hay/pasture, drip irrigation for veg and fruit… this also will reduce future "disagreements" between yourself and the local towns and villages nearby as you aren't taking water from their "systems" or reducing the ground water levels. eco-friendly and uses no electricity

  4. Richard, Up north where I live, when I've been out in countryside doing deliveries, I see many many of those IBC containers in farmers gateways, blocking the gates to stop poachers. Farmers fill them with stones, plonk them infront of field entrances with their loader tractors. They appear to do the job, they dig ditches too.

  5. Ibc tanks are amazing and almost essential if you grow fruit and veg on an allotment especially in England where many counties you pay for the amount of water you use

  6. The filter on the air con is designed to prevent you breathing in dust, spores, pollen and chemicals.

    If you value your healthy this is £25 or so well spent every few years.

  7. Not everyone knows the American gallon is significantly smaller than the Imperial gallon.
    The US gal is almost 20% smaller. 1 US gal = 3.78 litres 1 Imperial gal = 4.54 litres.
    That 1000 ltr container is 220 Imperial gal or 264 American gal. America adopted a different system in the 1700s. I think it's because America just likes to be different to everyone else.
    It makes a big difference when comparing prices if you don't know they're not equal volume.

  8. Tree s are protecting themselves for future growth , they are acting like its autumn , your tree will not recover its leaves until next spring now , it's to late , it will rest and recover for 2023 spring ..

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