Volcanic Eruptions, Photo voltaic Action & Extreme Climate Spring Forecast

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Eric Gajewski from and David DuByne from ADAPT 2030 focus on Earth changes and what it suggests for our environment from 2021-2024 with repeating cycles and how prophecy intertwines these times.

•Global volcanic eruptions creating cooling
•COVID vacation stoppages lowered CO2 levels 5% in 2020
•Solar activity ramp-up is underneath ordinary intensity for SC 25
•Atlantic Ocean recent slowing
•Tornado Forecast Spring 2021

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  1. Nooo !! David I was excited about “global warming” so I can grow tropical fruit trees and coconut trees in zone 9a , o well I guess now I can grow high chill fruit trees! ??

  2. I have been living in Costa Rica for seven years, before I moved here, been vacationing here 6 year prior. I can tell the 4 years the temperature has been dropping. 2020 till now feels like the coolest.

  3. There is only one God, Lord and creator of all that is seen and unseen, the Alpha and the Omega. Ignore the heathens and the unbelievers. We are living in the End Times, we need to spend what little time we have left on this earth wisely, work on your relationship with God the Father Almighty and avoid sin.

    God Bless ?

  4. I love these on the podcast. I can listen in my car or when outdoors as I can download quickly. It also chews up less battery. Great info in each broadcast and I hate missing any.

  5. Thank you for mentioning north Georgia! That's where I live, so it's good to know about what may well happen in my area.

  6. @Adapt2030: In relation to your opening statement, those who came long before us didn't create picture or written stories of their time to become part of religious stories.
    Their belief in God varied from culture to culture & was very different to ours.
    I personally don't believe in "The Creator", instead, I believe in "Creation"., like everything which exists, am made in the image of God. An atom, molecule, planet with moons, solar system & galaxy all are made in the same image.

  7. SPRAYED again today in Australia, GEO ENGINEERING is becoming normal prior to rain fronts moving in, either to cause drought, cause flood OR just spray heavy metals & God knows what down upon crops, people & forests killing us ALL!

  8. I must admit although it's been quite sunny here in Scotland, it was bitterly cold, it's however when the sun shines though its felt extreamly hot, both extremes are perfect for lightening and thunder storms and hail.

  9. Anyone questioning CO2 efficacy about the "Climate System", ask what has the greater energy into the environment and why isnt it, or the field between us and it included in that system they "calculate" our environmental effects from? Where is the Sun? Where is the Magnetosphere? You cant "calculate" without them or understanding them in relation to us, period. When science recognizes that? Then listen.

  10. Signs and Wonders, If you look at my profile picture you'll see my guardian angel making himself known . This started in 2017 on a pier in Panama City Beach Florida. As I walked up the pier I noticed a reflection was following me. I went up and down from aide to side it stayed with me. There was a bunch of people but it only followed me. I didn't need this to know Jesus is my Lord and Savior so I figure it's for the world to see. I have videos on YouTube under my name August Bradshaw I don't make anything on views just don't believe I should make money on a gift from God. If you go look go to the bottom and look at the ones on the blue water. The first is a college of still pictures. The 2nd you can see the reflection follow me as I walked away from my girlfriend and her daughter. The last I take off my hat and glasses to see if they were causing it. No change. So with my research I've come up it's my guardian angel, I'm sealed by God, it's the signs and Wonders Jesus talked about or it's all of the above. Any way there are other videos the ones on the blue water we're the first. Jesus is coming but remember the anti-christ comes first. God bless everyone

  11. I would consider favoring the GND if the people personally responsible for the most CO2 dispersal would step down and return their pay. Polys constantly speak, always moving somewhere and spending our money like they earned it. And half of it does overseas to funds that fund the polys through the back end. Go in paupers and come out kings. Wrong!!

  12. Start worrying when it begins to impact the food cycle. Everything else, just cope. Most won’t realize things until they can’t get what they need.

  13. 4&800??? No way to know any of that. 1200, 1600 there's a definite pattern. The Babylonians hiding in Rome and their banking kabal destroyed every population that survived with cataclysmic cycles and historical information in tact.
    Africa continued to be decimated, Americas were assaulted, while Chinese, East India, and Russia were destroyed through trade and the merchant exchanges (bankers again) in coordination with Babylonian remnant in Rome doing the dirty usurping in secret that was outed later.
    Disease, invasions, wars, and butchery 800, 1200, 1600.. same dark agenda in charge today. I wouldn't expect any changes in tactics, just more technologies and subtle methods used to con the blind and deaf.
    ✌️ Favour ALL

  14. /26. Ben over at SuspiciousObservers… posts every day m-f. This morning and posting as usual this morning…BUT LISTEN TO WHAT HE SAY AT MARK POINT 4:35…STUNING INDEED… “WHEN THE SUN’S MICRONOVA CREATES IT’S OWN GEOMAGNETIC JERK – THE JERK TO THE EARTH WILL BE A BIBLICAL EVENT 3 DAYS OF BLOCKING OUT THE SUN I dont know what his personal biblical views are, although he references this as a Biblical Level Event. I'm referencing this because of the timing of his report – relative to the plethora of things we are seeing.. FOR EXAMPLE THE RECENT ANNOUNCEMENT BY OUR GOVERNMENT.. Rattcliff on Fox news Maria B just 3 days ago… WE'LL BE RELEASING ALL THE UFO (aka demon/fallen angels) STUFF IN JUNE? Seriously?.. Ratcliff acts like they're about to do this big favor like a gift. Do you know that the month of Sivan means? Israel.. May 14th, 1948 – (Sivan) May 14th 2021 = 73yrs. + (Daniel’s week 70 =7yrs) = 80 Psalms 90:10.. 10 The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labor and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away. * Interesting that 90-10 = 80* Sivan (Hebrew: סִיוָן, Standard Sivan Tiberian Sîwān ; from Akkadian simānu, meaning "Season; time") Sivan 2021 ends on May 12th – If I have the correct Jewish Calendar. How interesting is it that the 73rd year and the promise to release alien/ufo info to the world appears to be occurring in the SIVAN/ SEASON TIME It doesn’t say ‘if by strength 75 or 78, or 79 years or 81, or 83 years it says 80 years.” Is there any scripture which we can find where GOD minces words.. and give us indications that he speaks in terms like “KIND OF, OR SORT OF OR WE’LL SEE?” If you know of any scripture like that, can you let me know.

  15. I read a comment and for God's sake I can't remember where but, the chem trails are supposedly helping us. They are metals sprayed in the air but for a good reason. When we receive high 'doses' of cosmic rays the airborne metals reduce them to nothing. I'm not explaining this well. The cosmic rays bounce into the atmosphere and connect with the chem trails and neutralize each other. There! So maybe chem trails aren't so bad??? Also I read a comment about a fellow who read the Nag Hamadi and said that anything that happens here on Earth is not God. I'm not explaining this well either. God or the Creator or the HIgh Consciousness (whatever) is not here on Earth. Anyone or anything we worship here on Earth is not of God. I have yet to get the book but its on my wish list. Then I will be able to comment with more knowledge. People you have no idea what a boone it is to have a green house. Even something as simple as what I have, a hoop house with cheap poly! I had some vapour barrier from my neighbours home improvement and some cheap poly and some cattle panels. I have pictures of my different thermometers (one is outside in a shade location and the other is in the hoop house) and the outside thermometer is -49.8 C and the hoop house is -20 C. Just a sheet of plastic!!!!! You can build yourself a small greenhouse for cheap!!! Look around you and re use things, go to the dump, beg, barter (don't steal!)… CAN do this!!

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