Vivienne Gucwa – Arctic – Chapman Glacier and MacDonald Valley – Ellesmere Island

Vivienne Gucwa - Arctic - Chapman Glacier and MacDonald Valley - Ellesmere Island

More + thoughts (first in a series):

It’s been a year since I went on a trip that changed my life.

I boarded an ice-breaker on the West coast of Greenland and journeyed for 18 days all the way up to 81 latitude near the North Pole in the Canadian High Arctic with Astronaut Commander Hadfield and a group of 10 incredible people.

It took me this long to be able to actually really go through the photos and videos I filmed while there because the last year has been one of the hardest, loneliest, scariest, and strangest in terms of my career and my personal life.

And while I have published a handful of my Arctic photos already and even had a brief gallery showing with Commander Hadfield (my goodness what a bizarre sentence to write), I hadn’t yet digested the full meaning of what everything meant on many levels: on a personal level, on an Earth level, on a profound, philosophical level.

There is a pre-Arctic me.

There is a post-Arctic me.

And in-between those two versions of myself is the me that I am convinced is still there, in the Arctic, floating on a ghost-ship, wandering the decks at night.

..I can share the story of this particular chapter finally starting with some of the self-portraits I took over the course of the trip.
I take photos of myself to mark time.
I am fascinated, appalled, and tantalized by the ebb and flow of mortality.

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My name is Vivienne Gucwa. I am a professional photographer and published best-selling author of 2 books (NY Through the Lens and New York in the Snow) who specializes in New York City photography and travel photography dealing with themes of isolation, nostalgia, and the philosophical implications of time and immortality.



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