Video clip captures storm sirens likely off in Frisco as severe climate moves by Dallas place

Funnel clouds, sirens, hail, wind and rain all triggered many tornado warnings and extreme thunderstorm warnings all through a spherical of serious temperature on Might 3, 2021.

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  1. "so Malini if you wouldn't mind just standing right out in the middle of that potentially dangerous situation, keeping yourself in harms way, while others all around you are running for cover, so we can continue to ask you pointless questions, and maybe, if you wouldn't mind, running towards the storm and place yourself right in the middle of it so we can get some really cool shots…"

  2. And that likely is the same storm that he is talking about that has the tornado warning because storms can be at the minimum 15 miles wide and in length

  3. And also that is not the best place to be, storms and tornadoes are unpredictable and can really travel in any direction they are likely to travel Southeast most of the time but it can still always very

  4. Anchorman: 'We're going to keep that shot up for a moment while there's storm sirens running with 50MPH winds and rotations forming…"
    Reporter: "You'll have to forgive me for the storm sirens running…We're over here in a safe space…"

    Talk about taking one for the team. Give this woman her flowers… and a raise

  5. I don’t think people realize that news businesses don’t care about their reporters. This is her job. She can get fired for going off the air or trying to get to safety. She can’t do anything unless she doesn’t want a job. And if you try to back it up with “there’s a tornado tho!” News Businesses don’t care

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