Vegas ATC GETS ANGRY WITH PILOTS during Extreme Weather

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  1. ATC was being a prick for no reason, I’d just sit there with engines shut down and make it his problem when he needs you to move and you can’t…

  2. What a stupid way to run an airport. Short-term time saving (by not figuring out the departure sequence) is going to lead to long-term delays because now planes have to go back to the gate to refuel. How about just answering the question that the pilot asked you?

  3. I think the controller was just irritated not angry. Angry is when you get personal with the pilot or you want to send a pilot that special phone number. There’s bad weather and a bunch of planes waiting. We all turn into General Patton at times.

  4. Seems like he’s in the wrong occupation. Yes it is a stressful job, and not everyone is cut out for it. Hope a supervisor hears him and either orders retraining or a new job for him. Cause he can’t handle the stress. Period

  5. 0:35 That was the most intelligible "cleared for take off" I've ever heard. It was like one run-together sound. Many ATC and pilots REALLY need to work on their diction.

  6. Controller wasn't angry – and I can understand the controller here – it's like hearding school children asking him to list the next 10 departures is not going to happen as he doesn't know at that point what they are going to be, he can't know how much time it's going to take for each departure and asking him to do the fuel management for the pilots who've taken minimal fuel is just not on, he can probably warn the next 4/5 but beyond that harder.

  7. I happened to be flying out of Vegas that day and can tell you it was messy. I heard most of the various conversations about where your place is in line. Its no doubt that ATC was stressed. Construction had one of the runways closed, so ALL departures were being funneled to one runway. It was a very windy ALL day with gusts to 40. It was a heavy traffic volume type of day as there were several sporting events that happened along with EDC and such over the weekend. There were already 1 hour delays leaving Vegas. I remember counting over 20 airplanes in line for takeoff while I was waiting to taxi out. I was fortunate that I was able to shut down to conserve fuel, as I was over a hour and a half late departing to my destination. What caused the biggest problem was that there was a wind shift and the runway configuration changed. So if you were number 4 for takeoff and they swapped runways you went from number 4 to number 20 for takeoff. Cant blame people asking what their sequence is. I returned 2 hours later and there was still 15 airplanes waiting to take off from one runway.

  8. It is what it is. If you don’t have enough fuel when you finally get clearance, then you have to go back to the gate. They think the tower has ESP. You’ll go when it’s safe to do so.

  9. ATC: "we're here to help. don't be afraid to talk to us."
    ATC: proceeds to be a pilot's nightmare

    this one wasn't that bad though. I wouldn't have given him those 10 either.

  10. I just think that both ATC and the pilots answer to different people. The managers they answer to are most likely to blame. They're pressured to perform in conflicting situations. ATC needs to get planes moving and pilots need to save fuel. I say put whoever is in charge on the radio and make THEM make the call.

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