Van Life Winter Camping in Snow Storm – Blizzard in the North – Extreme Weather & Pan Pizza #vanlife

Camping in Winter in snow storm in my van/Rv. I found myself stuck in a blizzard on a mountain pass in a snow storm. Elements of ASMR and strong wind sounds. #wintervanlife

This was an adventurous 24 hours with the worst snow storm I have experienced in a van. The weather forecast said 27 m/s, 60 mph or 97 kph and the wind and snow was howling. It was a whiteout. At the end of the day I had an interesting stormy view while having my breakfast, coffee and making pan pizzas.

Enjoy camping and vanlife friends from around the world!

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About me: I am a Norwegian adventurer and wilderness explorer. My youtube channel focus on outdoor wilderness adventures and exploration, backpacking, hiking, canyoneering, skiing, climbing and mountaineering. Nights spent in a tent, alone or with friends. From the snow covered mountains and misty fjords of Norway and Scandinavia to the remote plateaus of Yellowstone and the debts of the red canyons of Utah to the summit of Mt Whitney and the heart of Sequoia Kings Canyon National Park. I love the Wilderness! Email is under “For business inquiries”, for general questions please comment on a video, I try to answer everyone.

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  1. Awesome but you should've stayed by the gas pump or on the side of the store In case you need more gas, since you ll have your vehicle on all night to keep the heat on, not to mention Incase the storm worsens a bit more , and you run out of supply, you have the Circle K , right next to you, just saying

  2. Great footage, I love those conditions!!! I'm watching from
    Baltimore USA, we no longer get that kinda weather like we used to here. So I watch these kinds of videos

  3. Love it! I am a Winter baby. Love the cold and snow. I breathe better, and generally feel healthier in cold weather. I appreciate you posting this video, as I am now too old to go on adventures.👍🏼❤️

  4. Hiya mate, loving the video. I was hoping I can get some advice from you, im planning a trip to Norway in January and I have an underslung LPG tank on my van so need to fill it at the pump. In the winter is that possible? Or am I better off changing it to work on gas bottles?




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