US plagued by extreme weather with heat, floods and fire

US plagued by extreme weather with heat, floods and fire 7

More than a third of Americans are under heat alerts from North Carolina to the Great Plains region. Yellowstone National Park is closed due to unprecedented floods. CNN’s Brian Todd reports how this type of extreme weather could become increasingly common in the years to come. #CNN #News


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  1. Dear CNN we all know that your publications or total lies completely biased propaganda. While the majority of intelligent Americans do agree that global warming is a problem the majority of Americans realize that the human impact on global warming is not as severe as you make it out to be. The global warming and calls through natural cycles all the time. Secondly the weather patterns that you’re referring to are not global warming they are change in weather which is certainly cyclical. As you know anyone can research three 400 years ago they were drastic weather change is very similar to this before The industrial age. CNN you are once again pushing a political agenda and you are disgraceful the crimes that you’ve committed against humanity are disgraceful

  2. I really come from a place similar to this. Now I know that if the government and scientists and engineers gather up and find a creative plan to build up a rail guard along the sides of a river “Mississippi for instance.
    Carve down the bottom of the river,
    Water will have a normal path to go where it is supposed to
    Whatever the water wants to go

  3. It is not the amount of people on the planet as many are saying in the comments. It is the innovation
    and modernization with the amount of people on the planet. Man is increasing in knowledge but not wisdom. He dose not fully understand the planet he is living on to successfully add or take anything away ,with out doing substantial damage to earth and the heavens above it.

  4. Back to islam..back to allah God..back to repentance ..back to Quran..quran has the answer for all the world crisis ..hold firmly to islam and quran ..god willing you will have a better life amiiiiin

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  11. These extreme weather incidents have been happening even before I was a child in the 60s. These climate change people are either stupid or they have an alternative reason for their lies. Our climate has been changing since the beginning of time. Before that jackass Gore perverted the reality of our climate and its history, nobody gave it a second thought.

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  13. Everyone should buy an electric car! Green energy is the way. Fossil fuels are SO last year, and we should look to battery powered tractors and jets. I can barely breath when I get on my own private jet from those caustic fumes!??

  14. You People At CNN Really Know How To Calm Us Down…"The US Is In…An Extreme Weather Nightmare." Even Though Heart Disease Is The #1 Killer. Covid 19 Media Reporting Caused An Increase Of 17% Of Heart Disease Deaths. More Deaths From Drug Overdose Than Diabeties. How Do You Not Realize You're Causing The Problems?

  15. “Plagued” by the same things that have been “plaguing” the northern hemisphere every summer since before people learned how to make pointy sticks. Pathetic and weak fear mongering

  16. Wow, talk about
    Still desperately pushing the "gl0bal warming,," I mean, "clim@te chänge" scare tactic that very few still fall for! ? You're useing old footage with some of these shots.
    btw~ arson fires certainly aren't "weather" related!
    The climate has ALWAYS changed around! THERE IS NO "CLIMATE EMERGENCY" except for that which is artificially engineered, we know about that, as well. We know that the powers that ought not to be, want to keep their illegal "emergency p0wers" going so they can force "clim@te m@ndates," "clim@te restricti0ns," "clim@te l0ckdowns," etc, etc…
    BS! NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! GET READY FOR THE 'RED WAVE' THAT'S COMING, then all of this "clim@te BS will go bye-bye, along with the stupid yellow journalism! We'll finally have PROFESSIONAL journalists, instead of dęęp st@te-owned puppets.
    **You should call the Project Veritas hotline and turn your bosses in, for what they are perpetuating upon the Ametican people! Several other journalists have done so, and cut a good deal. Now they are national heros whom we can now respect!

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  18. GOP: No such thing as global warming. Lets wait until our species are confronted with an extinction event. Meantime, lets ensure the ultra rich survive.

Sunrise -9 26

Sunrise -9

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