US cities are buried in snow! Worst Snowfall in Buffalo, NY in 50 Decades!

The initial winter storm caused by the lake influence, brought on havoc on the streets and the closure of educational facilities in Erie County, western New York.
The effects of the blizzard were being obvious all over the Buffalo space.
Quite a few highway incidents have been documented throughout the day.
Quite a few flights have been canceled at Buffalo Niagara Worldwide Airport.
Large snowfall fell at a rate of 1 to 3 inches of snow for each hour.
The snow strip was slender, only about 10 miles vast, according to the National Meteorological Services.
But the storm is now breaking documents.
By 1 p.m., 14.1 inches of snow had fallen in the Buffalo Niagara Global Airport location.
Which is nearly double the old 7.3-inch day-to-day record established on January 6, 1974.
The total record for a January day is expected to be surpassed in the coming several hours.
The earlier report was set on January 11, 1982, when 18.3 inches of snow fell.


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  1. Who, WHO is senationalizing this? It's really stupid! This is why FAKE NEWS has run rampant. Buffalo has had FIVE FEET of snow but several years ago, I think in 2014. I think in 2001 there was SEVEN FEET of lake affect snow in Buffalo. WHO POSTS SUCH THINGS AS THIS? WHO! In fact the last couple of years there's been little snowfall compared to MANY YEARS AGO. The past couple of winters have been unseasonably warm with much less snow.

  2. I live in Amherst NY just north of Buffalo and I can tell you this was not the worst storm in my 24 years living here, who ever made this video obviously does not live here. This was just a normal lake effect storm and a mild one at that.

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  4. This is a very misleading title. It is the most snow recorded on this date at the official weather station at the airport. 18" is not even remotely close to the worst snowfall in 50 years. I live about 15 miles south of Buffalo and had daily snowfall of greater than 30" twice last year. For the worst weather in my lifetime, look to the Blizzard of '77.

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  6. This is totally false. Most of these clips don't even appear to be in buffalo. We got some snow in the past week or snow but nothing to make a fuss about. Look at wear the person who posted this is located. #fakenews

  7. FAKE NEWS!!!! Born and raised in Buffalo Ny. It's not as bad as this makes it seems. The Worst was the Blizzard of 77. Granted we have had some messy conditions nothing compares to 77.
    It's Called "Lake Effect Snow".

  8. Maybe because its winter time ? we need more snow in da dam Rockies its a freaky ? desert ??????????????????????


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  11. i live in buffalo new york and i live about a 5 minute walk from the water front of lake erie and yes we do somtimes get snow like this but our first snow fall forthis year was no where near this amount the film showed here is from the blizzard of 77 and not now who ever made this video does not have thier facts straight our first snow fall this year was not even 5 invhes more like two get your facts straight if your going to report on something

  12. Called my brother in Buffalo; worst snowfall in 50 years? That's news to him. A few places in the area had a foot; hardly the worst snowfall in 50 years. Additionally, I noticed you used clips from videos that are weeks old, and not even from the Buffalo area. Grew up in WNY in the 60's-70's, and visited many times since; your video is misleading.

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