Unusual New York Point out Twister – In close proximity to Amenia, NY 08.02.2020

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A scarce summer critical weather conditions established up in the northeast delivers supercell thunderstorms to New York State. A single of them spawns a tornado around the town of Amenia, NY in northern Dutchess County. In pieces of the video clip you can see items of debris thrown into the air. Footage also has aftermath of the hurt from the twister in the vicinity of Sharon, CT.

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  1. Commenting 8/4/20….Some 10 hours before Isaias is due at your Queens….. Awesome on that wall cloud and the real live tornado, there, Scott…amazing…something seen during your own Tornado Alley annual stormchasings….!!! BTW…exactly 40 years to the day of your tornado video here, Scott…on 8/2/80..I audiotaped in stereo a very loud gusty Tstorm while still living in Port Washington LINY….2 very closeby CG/ excellent audio quality…. and Scott…exactly 5 years ago today…you heard right…8/4/15…those morning violent Tstorms..that I made my own awesomed videos of..I am sure you saw my video..and were also heading down to FLA that very same morning of the wild predawn Tstorms….can't believe that it's been 5 years already…. Anyways…Scott..I do the vomiting up with ENVY that for ever one view on my own Tstorm-video uploads you get some 2000 views at the time…how I wish I knew the underworld-based-top-secret on how you get so lucky in winning so many views…Anyways….maybe TS Isaias will bring some of us nice thunder…but prefer without the high winds and the isolated tornado chances…… Meanwhile.. much fondness…always…James



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