UK – Windsor – Soldier Selfie_IMG4397

UK - Windsor - Soldier Selfie_IMG4397

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A slightly unusual shot from Windsor Castle. One of the advantages of using a phone rather than a DSLR to take shots like this is that no-one seems to notice you which makes candid shots that much easier.

Considering I spent the first 18 years of my life in Windsor I have surprisingly few photos of the place. I’d actually decided that this was something I was going to change this Summer…….

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From Wikipedia "During the Queen’s tenure much has been done, not only to restore and maintain the fabric of the building, but also to transform it into a major British tourist attraction, containing a significant portion of the Royal Collection of art, which is managed from Windsor. Archaeological work has continued at the castle, following on from limited investigations in the 1970s, the work on the Round Tower from 1988 to 1992 and the investigations following the 1992 fire. During 2007, 993,000 tourists visited the castle. This has had to be achieved in co-ordination with security issues and the castle’s role as a working royal palace.

In late 2011 two large water turbines were installed upstream of the castle on the River Thames to provide hydroelectric power to the castle and the surrounding estate. In April 2016, the Royal Collection Trust announced a £27m project to reinstate the original entrance hall of the castle to visitors, as well as a new café in the 14th-century undercroft. The new entrance was opened at the end of 2019."

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