Trump Moves to Repeal Climate Guidelines In spite of Excessive Temperature

The Trump administration is established to rescind the restrictions, which goal to minimize greenhouse fuel emissions from energy stations, regardless of a scientific consensus linking recent devastating storms to weather adjust

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  1. 95% of the greenhouse gasses is water vapor.
    4% is Carbon Dioxide
    1% is other gasses.
    man produces 3.5% of the Carbon Dioxide.
    Professor William Happer "The Physics of Carbon Dioxide"
    Professor Murry Salby Lecture "Atmosphere Carbon"
    Professor Henrik Svensmark "The Cloud Mystery"
    Professor Tom Segalstad " CO2 Isotopes& Ocean Acidification"

  2. Climate change storm? WTF is a 'climate change storm'? How does it differ from an ordinary storm? I'm sure some 'scientist' out there can explain it armed with a whole 200 years worth of data. How old is the planet? Isn’t it supposed to be 4.5 billion years old? 4.5 billion v 200 years of data, doesn't seem like we have much data, and to be creating oppressive laws and collecting oppressive taxes off the back of something so scurrilous, seems like the height of ignorance or arrogance to me. Climate changers etc are criminals, and climate change is one of the new religions, along with 'The Holocaust' and 'Atheism' Fucking grow up you pituitary retards

  3. We have "decades of datasets" when the planet has been around since ??? Like the game only history is that WE record. This woman and her believers are "a day late and a brain short".

  4. right wing fascist brain dead nitwits come here to prove how ignorant they are and the super typical backwards nonsensical shit they believe. WOW…………….get with some facts – stop looking backwards and get forward – you know – with the rest of the progressive world you stuck in the oppressive, dogmatic ignorant past.


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