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Severe weather outlook Today 00:00
Tropical Update 04:37
Extreme heat for days 09:19
Severe weather forecast for today 11:29
Rainfall for today 19:07
Heat warnings for today 20:51
Severe weather central U.S, Ohio Valley & Northeast outlook 21:28

Live storm media

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Tropical Update! Potential Gulf Hurricane! – Extreme Weather For Days! – The WeatherMan Plus


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Climate Prediction Center

USA Power Outages

National hurricane center


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  1. Mark thank you for your time and help! I lost 5 good men while fishing off the coast of Brasil due to a sudden storm many years ago! I can still see their faces! I missed that trip by a week! Commercial fishing is dangerous and we didn't have people like you to help! RIP Ralph,Chris, Greg ,Tom, Cookie!

  2. As always, good to hear what your report says. I'm really sorry to always be so late, but I still get a chance to pray for some of the areas that look to be hit hard even on the day that I'm in, now…about 15 hours after you did your upload.

    Our worst problem here in the NE SD right now, has been the Canadian smoke, which now they think will also beset the 30th. Coming against that–praying it up and over, and out of our eyes, noses, and mouths! I told my sister yesterday, that I really LOVE Canadian bacon, but I'm NOT fond of smelling that smoky smell all day long!!! 😀

    Thank you for blessing us with the Word and prayer.

    Hoping your Patreon page will come soon.

  3. Brother your a blessing. Thanks for all the data. Love you. Glad to call you my brother in Christ. Blessings to you and your family. Praise be to Jehovah God for the Messiah our savior Jesus of Nazareth.

  4. It's almost shabok see you next week brother 😌👍👍 God bless. You Jewish or Sabbath christian I'm a sabath Jewish Christian. It's the Jews that accept Jesus. Bit I respect all other faith.

  5. Thank you brother for the reading of revelations, what a hope, to be found worthy to be clothed with white garments, and to enter in! Wow! How encouraging. Blessings to you and yours. Amen.

  6. I just checked the 18z GFS model run, and it depicts a large tropical storm north of Puerto Rico, heading due west towards the Bahamas(and maybe Florida). With the potential anomaly developing in the Caribbean and this large system coming from the MDR, we could see a Hurricane Laura/Marco situation play out again😬. Thanks for your constant updates Mark, and God Bless🙏.

  7. Good evening Mark. Although I reside in NC, I am currently in NJ as caregiver for my 92 year old mother in law. As I text this it is raining , and serveral counties are on tornado warnings. So far Middlesex County isn't one of them. That's where I am. Keeping all people in prayer as they weather these storms. Praying that they need any warnings issued to them. God bless you and your family🕊️✝️

  8. Good Afternoon Mark it is soo hot…Wow, the cool can't come fast enough…Prayers for all the folks without power…YEAH come on cold my AC is struggling lol, No Mark tell me it's not so that looks like it will be right over Houma La., Psalms 91 I say Mark if I could like you 1000 times I would I never watch the news so I depend on your updates…

  9. Hello brother Mark, I really appreciate your forecasts and Scripture reading. I did want to mention though about the pronunciation of the book of Revelation, just wanted to say though. There is not an (s) at the end. Some would say, no big deal. However yes, it makes a big difference. I would like to add though that this book is the "unveiling" or "disclosure" of the character and program of God, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I did not mention this to be critical of your faith, or walk with God in any way at all. I'm your brother in Christ. Just thought I'd humbly mention it. I mean no disrespect.
    God bless you my friend, You are in my prayers.
    Have a wonderful weekend…..



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