Tornado Videos You Wouldn’t Believe if Not Filmed

Tornado Videos You Wouldn’t Believe if Not Filmed

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  1. That first tornado shown in the Netherlands was fortunately formed basically over the water. When this happens and a tornado starts picking up all of that water lady keeps it from getting stronger and stronger . In most cases the weight of all the water will suck the energy right out of the twisting air. ??

  2. Hold on did I hear that right… "4x more than europe and 10x more than Canada which is in 2nd place." Does that make sense? Wouldnt europe be in 2nd?

  3. Go ahead call United States military to stop the tornado, no one's in this earth no powerful countries but I saying no one's cannot stop The one's indestructible army God force of nature to stop the finest gods army so scientist yours can't stop God's army invisible ?ah, ah, I don't think so and that is nothing this is a baby tornado if God wants bring more power tornado is going be insane catastrophe like F10 up winds go to 1000 miles up one tornado wipe out a entire military in less in five seconds so beware and respect god's military force.

  4. Ffs. I’m not looking for a ten minute breakdown on what tornados are. I just want the footage without some stain talking over the top of it to draw out its run time.

  5. I lived in Southern Iowa for 12 years and never saw a tornado. The closest I ever got was looking out my window and seeing this thick dark plume cloud as it roared due west. I look up and noticed the sky above, It was this beautiful emeral green color.
    It was like Beauty and The Beast!

  6. No that's not it. Usa hase the most of sinners godless society and thye are the biggest aggressors of the world (wars).Allah subhaan ahoe wa ta3ala is the one commanding Mikael (Michael) who's in charge of the weather. Repent and believe in Allah and His profhet Mohammed peace and blessings op on him.

  7. I feel like a child again! That second tornado looked like a tree with a massive burr on it! Almost like it had big hips!
    Edit: I'm kind of surprised El Reno wasn't talked about. Then again, it's one of the most talked about tornados.