Tornado Alley IMAX Trailer

Traversing the “severe weather capital of the world,” Tornado Alley documents two unprecedented missions to encounter one of Earth’s most awe-inspiring events: the birth of a tornado. This science adventure reveals the beauty and the power of some of our planet’s most extreme—and least understood—weather phenomena. This film played in 2011 at the American Museum of Natural History.


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  1. Hearing Bill makes my heart do nothing but weep now. I watched most of the Storm Chasers series, but never got around to seeing Sean’s actual project completely, even after all this time. The quest to find it and finally watch it begins!

  2. I know Sean was focused on getting the "perfect shot" for one film, but honestly he could made a yearly IMAX film for every tornado season, at least back when he was still chasing. Like Storm Chasers, but without all the unncessary drama, and better cinematography instead of all the shaky handheld footage from the show.

  3. Need help!!!….I saw.this vhs tape storm chasers back in 08…the guy wanting to record in IMAX..was getting irritated because a younger guy with his girlfriend and in just a regular car were always getting great footage he had a vhs recorder and would get dangerously close ON FOOT to the tornadoe…who was this younger guy 20ish is he still alive?

  4. I remember meeting him when he was taking TIV2 on a tour around the states. I was only around 9 or 10 and Sean was so nice to both my mom and I. He seems like he’s not so nice in the shoes but he’s a nice guy once you meet him

  5. The images are incredible, I watched ‘Storm Chasers’ and the chases all seemed nervy, frantic and rushed, but the images are showing powerful and Beautiful images that show the calm before the storm. It really shows the talent and bravery needed to get these shots, that give that sense of calmness when I fact in the TIV all hell is really breaking loose.

  6. Lemme tell you that if you've ever been in a tornado you wouldn't wanna do it again. I've been in two too many.. I hope I'm never in one again for any reason whatsoever. Once from under a bridge in Illinois and another in Texas and one almost in Ohio just west of Xenia.. I'm tellin you they can scare the turds out of your ass in no time flat..



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