Top rated 10 Excessive weather makers on Earth currently (Wed Sep 29)

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Storm Mindulle, Hurricane Sam, two tropical storms in India at the identical time plus Iceland has a lower engulfing the island nation bringing gales and snow.

We also track a huge rainmaker in Australia, thunderstorms throughout the United States and also South Africa way too. – proud to be an IBM Business enterprise Husband or wife. Our future update will be on Friday, Oct 1 (Thursday evening in the Americas).


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  1. Sooo..this is for Wednesday, but its Saturday…Google you spend too much time asking question about satisfaction and not enough time on delivering timely and relevant info

  2. Excellent and informative again, thank you. Just one negative – that low pressure to the east of the UK is in the North Sea, not the English Channel. It produced a lot of rain in a few hours on Tuesday evening where I am (Lincolnshire).

  3. Your forecast is damn accurate. In my hometown just north of Mumbai, there was a total of 130mm of rain falling within just 2 hours and it was not even the worst affected. Next 24 hours are indeed crucial. Just imagine 130mm in 2 hours for Auckland and Wellington. 😂😂😂 We'd have a local emergency declared.

  4. Love your enthusiasm for weather extremes! Something I've noticed a couple of times, you keep referring to the North sea as the English channel. The latter only covers south coast of England to North coast of France. Anything beyond the straits of Dover becomes the North Sea which covers everything east of the UK.

  5. Thankyou again for the top 10 World Weather situations. So many things that interest me (still stuck in lockdown in NSW Australia) we believe till late October. Your last item featuring the Super Typhoon east of China is massive



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