Top 5 Animals Residing In Severe Climates | BBC Earth

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From the icy plains of Alaska to the unforgiving Sahara desert, animals all more than the entire world display screen unbelievable diversifications to the most hostile situations.

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  1. This is about the drill moving site in the arctic fox one. “ lets get this giant ass drill moving because its going to be a slow drive”
    everyone and their mother

    Holy shit we have to go the drills leaving!!

    As its only going 5 k and has a giant train miles long behind it just polluting away

  2. It gives them enough fuel to escape the Sahara and Africa. I wonder if he knows how conducive African ecology is to the birds. The birds marching to their death.

  3. I had an arctic fox cub lick my hand once in a zoo in Norway when I was little. They are so adorable.
    It literally just came up to me and got really interested in my hand.

  4. BBC: squirrels barley breathing, slows its breathing and heart rate to next to nothing
    Squirrel 🙁 breathes in deepest longest breath at least twice AFTER that … 💓💓💓💓🌬💨🌬💨🌬💨 🐿 🥜 😂

  5. I love how pootube has up there commercial content as manipulation tactic to annoy people to get ripped of an pay WE NEED OUR FREEDOM BACK POOPTUBE!

  6. Aside from the amazing animals, I had no idea those oil drilling rigs could even be moved! I certainly do learn a lot from these documentaries.

  7. It's like the jumping spider just really wants humans to like it. 'Ok, so I can't not be a spider, but what if I have cute eyes and kill other spiders?' 🙂

  8. The arctic squirrel is a straight baller. He wakes up after a long sleep, throws hands, busts nuts then goes back to sleep. It’s how I want to live my life.



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