Top 10 Terrifying Swimming Pools – what were they thinking?

The most dangerous and intriguing swimming pools from around the world. Would you swim in any of these pools? Let us know in the comments section.

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  1. The red tiles effects on the huge swimming pool is awesome. After COVID-19 I Imagine that many people so close together is no longer allowed even after most restrictions have been lifted ? .

  2. The top 2 for me are 1 being the wave pool at Action Park in Mount Vernon New Jersey known as the GRAVE pool as many people died due to the strong current that would at some point instantly would suck you under an instant death.

    The other 2 being the Lagoon or something similar at Action Park were they actually had to paint the bottom white over the bottom color black to see people better as many people did die as a result of hypothermia or shock and drowning even in the summer heat the water was like 20 or 30 degrees not many people able to swim in water that cold.

  3. Imagine bleeding in that red pool in Thailand and the library staff just being like “meh it’s nothing they look fine it’s probably red around them because our pool is supposed to be red” and not even noticing if someone is injured 😫😆

    Still I wouldn’t mind relaxing in it though it’s different and unique and it probably wouldn’t bother me or disorient me

  4. Might sound evil but well well… A few years back we secretly aplyed for our step father to do the Skellefteå ice swim… He was to stingy to pay the 30 dollar fee to cancel 😂

  5. Hate to break it to you there, Sherlock, but anybody can drowned in any pool at any time so your list of 10 pools that “people could drowned in” means nothing.

  6. Arrrgh! Fahrenheit as a unit of measurement! That’s one of the biggest thing that pisses me off! NOBODY apart from Americans use it; It doesn’t relate to anything.. why can’t they simply use Centigrade like everyone else? Simply, 0 for when ice melts, 25-30 for a nice warm day, 40 for too hot.. Jeezo!

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