Thrift With Me in Extreme Weather! Try on and Haul

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Dear thrifters,

Today we headed out in subzero temperatures all in the name of thrifting. I am always looking out for unique finds to add to my wardrobe so i keep a sharp eye open. My favourite is definitely vintage finds! I was actually the first one in the thrift store this morning, and like usual my cart started to fill up quite quickly. Once my cart could take no more I decided that I should probably try everything on and narrow it down a bit. I also found some home goods items that I was very excited to find and I end up showing you everything I got at the end of the video with a little thrift haul. I am wondering if there is other thrifters out there in the cold? Or is it warm where you live?

Nicole 🙂


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  1. I love thrifting out of season, like Spring blouses during winter— so much more color and selection! You were very determined to venture out right now, but you found some lovely pieces ✨

  2. Burr, I can't even imagine sub zero temps. I live in So.Arizona, where we deal with the opposite extremes.
    That seemed like a cool thrift store. At least you found a lot of cool pieces. I think the ruffle sleeved green shirt was my favorite, but that cardigan looks like a piece you can get a lot of outfits out of too. Btw, the Mickey shirt is badass. I love that he has a different vibe than normal going on.

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