This Strange Storm Is Growing LARGER…

In this weather forecast, we are breaking down a STRANGE storm that is about to grow larger. This will bring some severe weather, snow, colder weather, and more! This weather will impact states like Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, the Midwest, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Arkansas. Additionally, we are breaking down the threat of any hurricanes or tropical storms in the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. We are in El Nino. Find the latest details of the weather across the United States in our latest weather forecast.



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  1. Today's weather forecast is a bit different than I usually do. I tried to make it more understandable and detailed, without having a super-runny intro that lasts 2-3 minutes. Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 🙂

  2. I still don't think your normal intro is bad, this was good too in this video. But I need to hear my "Hey everybody and welcome back to another Max Velocity Weather Fourrrrrcyast" somewhere in there!

  3. okieland 4A football state championship game blanchard/wagoner is stop & go storms passing through.
    edmond 35 miles north of OKC.
    started at 7 & they cleared the stadium. 8 thirty now and another storm passing through. may postpone second half to tomorrow. two games already scheduled for tomorrow.


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