This Storm Is Unbelievable…

In this weather forecast, we are breaking down another ARCTIC BLAST that will impact the USA this week! Additionally, some snow is possible in the Midwest and Ohio Valley! These will impact areas like the Southern Plains, Mississippi Valley, and Ohio Valley. This weather pattern is a part of El Nino, which will lead to more active weather in the Southern Tier of the USA, while the Northern Tier will be quite inactive. This will lead to some snow events, showers and storms, and perhaps severe weather. Find the latest details of the weather across the United States in our latest weather forecast.

0:00 – Intro
0:28 – Weather Right Now
2:52 – Huge Weather Pattern Change Coming…
6:18 – Snow For Ohio Valley, Midwest, And More – Plus Arctic Blast



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  1. El Nino will return again at full throttle necxt week, with a lot warmer weather and increased precipitation in the Southern Tier of the USA! 🙂

    I'll have a detailed forecast on this sometime in the next 72 hours.

  2. You refused to recognize Michigan on your weather report . West michigan got bombed yesterday and last night , I 196 solid ice wind and undriveable lake effect snow, but the decreased sensitivity on the Doppler radar so you can’t see the chemtrails, that you can’t see the powder snow coming off the lake 😡😡😡

  3. notice how low it goes .cold and winds in the south .gray clouds after storms .x marks in the sky .repeating weather patterns want to know what realty is happing ? its called geoengineering. why the weather people doint talk about it . do your own home work .

  4. I love to see young ppl, do what they love to do and find their own niche in life. Thank you young man for all you are doing to give others a sense of ease and prepare themselves for whatever comes our way. Namaste. From a Vietnam Era Marine Corps veteran.

  5. I can hear all the democrats telling us this is global warming, , yes, yes it is cold but don't believe your lying eyes, and the border is closed ,and you don't mind spending double for everything to support Joe Biden?

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