This Storm Is Looking More and more Concerning…

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In this movie we are conversing about the intense temperature risk these days & tomorrow as well as some snow.

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  1. I love how Ryan Hall is more correct than my local news channels. Everything Ryan has said has happened; he has not let me down. As for my local news agency’s they always let me down 😂

  2. We have an excellent weather guru out of Tampa, but Ryan keeps me informed about the rest of the country. I agree with all the praise heaped on him. It impresses me the most that the Y'all Squad gives back to communities hit hard by storms.

  3. You won't find a more perfect combination of Information, caring, relatability, business savvy, and reliability than Ryan and the crew. Always been that way.

  4. Does he get his scheduled weather script directly from Raytheon? The geoengineers have been setting something up for the northeast, we haven't seen the sun much in a week

  5. reminder to people who might have their power go out:

    Stock up on contractor bags, they trap heat. Get a butane camp stove to boil water and cook if you have electric/induction. Check around for a local warming center, they tend to have backup generators so you can charge your phone — mine is our volunteer fire depot, yours might be city hall or a tornado/fallout shelter.

  6. Waiting for the snow. We usually get a blizzard or ice storm in early Feb here in the MidAtlantic. Sucks when the electrical grid is out for a week or two …



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