This MONSTER Storm Will Disturb The Polar Vortex… WOTG Weather Channel

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In this video clip, I breakdown the climate sample about the next 7 to 10 days. Light snow is probably throughout the Midwest from Thursday via Saturday. Then, a monster storm process will provide blizzard-conditions, significant weather conditions & significant-winds to the center of the nation by means of a lot of upcoming 7 days. Finally, the polar vortex will change southward throughout the 3rd 7 days in December.

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  1. Good job, thank you. I live in south central British Columbia ( Pacific Northwest sort of ) & I watch your forecasts frequently because you do include whats happening North of the 49th parallel. So many others do not. Your " big picture " outlook really helps me to understand why the weather outside my door is doing what it's doing, and not just that it is doing it ! I really like that.

  2. your not a real weatherman because if you were you would see the flattening out and know that cold air is coming before the storm and snow snow snow rain sleet ice will show up below Tn.

  3. When is Southwest Florida going to cool down a bit. I'm not expecting snow but I'm sick of the 80s, can we just have normal temperatures in the 70s during the day and 50s at night. A couple of days ago they predicted cooler weather on the 12th then they pushed it to the 13th then they push it to the 14th then they push it to the 15th… Is Southwest Florida ever going to experience another cold front and cool off?

  4. Alberta Clippers, Manitoba Maulers, Saskatchewan Screamers, Polar Vortices.. Them dag gone mad Canadian scientists and their dag gone weather modifying machines man.. Sending all those storms to us so they don't have to do any shoveling they are.. I think we should shoot some missiles at the snow and make it stay in Canada.. Screw those guys.. They can shovel their driveways.. I ain't shoveling mine..

  5. I'm tired of only warm weather. I live in the eastern US, and I'm convinced that we won't get any snow this year (even though we noramlly get one good snow a year here).



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