This is definitely Crazy! Intense Climate SURGE, Tropics Catching Fireplace, Severe Weather, Warmth Wave

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This is absolutely Insane! Intense Weather SURGE, Tropics Catching Fireplace, Intense Climate, Heat Wave

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Intro: :00
Recent Problems: :08
Upcoming Sample: 5:14
Overall Rainfall: 8:09
Upcoming Temperature Pattern: 9:25
Tropics Update: 12:35
Critical Climate: 14:00

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**Generally BE Confident TO Search for Formal GUIDENCE FROM THE NWS AND OR THE NHC IN THE Scenario OF A Hazardous OR Life THREATENING Party**


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  2. Do you realize that you use a word like INSANE or other similar word in like all of your videos?? Can things truly be insane if its a normal, daily thing??

  3. Yesterday I ripped the band-aid from a stab wound and a gunshot wound, and I went for a ride to town.

    Early this morning, I took a ride to a neighbor's place, downhill from my place. .

    Taking the truck out of the yard opens up the parking space that it occupies, giving more room for the breeze to climb the ridge, behind the parking space.

    When was the last time that we have seen a good chance of rain in the forecast for every day for the next 14 days for so much of Arizona?

    Now that has been in the forecast continuously for Show Low and lately for Snowflake.

  4. Today is Sunday. We got some rain. It is much needed. In a day or two it is supposed to rain again. I hope so because it is supposed to be 90 degrees next week. Fall can't come quick enough. I can't wait for the cool weather.

  5. I just got off my tractor to come inside and cool off. (I have to remember to get a rag and sop up the sweat puddle in my seat.) I saw a snake catch a frog down by the pond, but the snake had to let it go 'cause he couldn't work up enough spit to swallow.

    Just an old time hot summer. 50 years ago I could bale hay in this weather, it's not that the weather is stronger, I'm just getting weaker. 105° in west central Arkansas today.

    Stay safe in the heat everybody.

  6. God help Texas 🙏
    No rain insight …no relief in sight either from intense heat..
    Well one thing is positive .. gulf water's are heating up ..
    August may be hurricanes then …. MAYBE ?????



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