This is an URGENT Update!!!! Large Storm to Provide Serious Climate and Blizzard Disorders

This is an #urgent temperature update on a enormous storm that seems to be to convey rounds of extreme weather to the higher plains and a huge snowstorm that could really perfectly convey #blizzard ailments and feet of snow to the Rockies and the northernmost portion of the U.S. But how severe will the #weather get for your space and how long will this huge storm final?

All of my video clips and are living streams are for enjoyment functions only and to explore raw operational design advice and its ensembles, I’m also comparing styles as well. So be sure to search for official sources like the Nationwide Weather Services or The Climate Channel for additional comprehensive and correct information.

YouTube Online video Chapters:
:00 – Intro/Marketing
1:03 – Next Severe Temperature Menace
4:51 – How A lot Electricity is Out there?
6:13 – Severe Weather conditions Parameters
10:11 – Quite Solid Deep Layer Winds
13:36 – Most recent SPC Outlooks
15:45 – Timing That Huge Snowstorm
18:36 – Massive Snowfall Totals Up coming 5 Days
19:57 – Specific Announcement
20:47 – Outro/Marketing

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  1. I love your weather channel. I appreciate how much passion and enthusiasm you put into this… and it feels like you truly care about our safety when you warn us about potentially dangerous storms. Whether it’s a professional video like this one or a more laid back livestream… I enjoy them all. Thank you David!

  2. Well David – we're on the same page – watch for massive tornado outbreaks West of the New Madrid Fault starting within the next 7-10 days and running through at least Mid-May as they work across the New Madrid Fault heading East. It's about to get nasty. STAY GREAT & STAY SAFE!!!!!

  3. Thanks for the update. ✅ I’ll be checking with you again tomorrow and Friday. I don’t think ? I’m in the path of anything where I live but you never know. Be safe. ?☮️??⛈??

  4. I always look forward to all of your videos! I’m glad I found your channel!!!

    – side note –

    I heard you talking about not really wanting to share all of your technological weather stuff (programs, etc) & for what it’s worth I agree with you. Your weather reports look bomb & I think you should keep every one of those secrets. ???

    Nobody gives away their secret recipes ??

  5. David I am impressed with the way you are progressing in your videos and live stream events. You always sound professional and caring. Thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty to put these updates on YouTube for the country.

  6. Hello, how is your day going? I am in a 5%/MRGL risk for both tomorrow and Friday, and a 15%/Slight risk for severe weather for Saturday as of the writing of this comment. The NWS says CAPE appears to be modest. Based on early indications from various weather models, storms could be capable of at least large hail and/or damaging winds – however, we are not completely ruling out tornado potential – especially for Friday. Saturday's exact storm threats look very uncertain. What are your thoughts in regards to this weekend's severe event?

  7. Oh.. forgot to mention.. prince sings a song called: sometimes it snows in April!!! Andd.. I'm in sw Florida .. looking forward to your hurricane ? coverage!!! Ty for all you do!!

  8. Really nice job David!! Bless your heart you finally got some rest! Youve had a busy few weeks lately!! I enjoy your forecasts and live streams so much I tune in even when my family… friends or I aren't even expecting bad weather ?? your new microphone is working great!! My daughter is in California right now.. driving Marc Cohns tour bus.. wish she could visit you on my behalf to say ty in person for keeping us all so well informed!! Check her out on YouTube!! Wonky Tonk… maybe I can get her to write a jingle for your channel!!…. let us know when you get that PO Box!! I have a gift I Want to send you!!

  9. Thanks, very much David for your urgent weather update information. Here in Pennyslvania went from winter yesterday, to sunny mild spring type weather today. Roller coaster weather ride this spring. To much up and down temperatures leaves one tired feeling. One's body doesn't know if, it's winter yet or if it's spring. Hopefully, not but could lead ones to getting sick over all the temperature changes.

  10. I think they installed some type of rain shield contraption over my skies. They forecast rain, but it never happens

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