Thin Ice

Thin Ice

Winter thus far has provided a weekly potpourri of weather. We vacillate from bitter cold to unseasonably warm. Heavy rain is followed by snow. And you can count on at least one day with extreme winds. I would have thought by now that every weakened tree or branch would have already been felled. But each hike into the back woods proves me wrong. The ground is littered with fallen limbs and tree trunks, and clearing the trails is a never-ending task. Still not every broken brach actually makes it to earth. I was fascinated to find this slender limb poised just an inch or so above the the ice of my favorite woodland pond. The branch had snapped off of a nearby tree, but became entangled on the way down and was left poised here like the Sword of Damocles. Striking to see such a delicate scene resulting of furious winter winds. The ice itself was nothing more than a paper thin layer that had formed on the night before. The ice diffused the normal mirror-like reflections on the water’s surface. It created this stylized interpretation of the background evergreen trees, and the eerie reflection of the branch itself.

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