‘There will be hundreds of excess deaths’ | John Hammond on ‘extreme’ weather conditions

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‘I think there will be hundreds, if not thousands, of excess deaths… It will be brutal.’

Weather expert John Hammond issues a warning over the ‘extreme’ conditions expected next week.

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  1. Report from the Office for National Statistics out yesterday shows 3,000 additional deaths in over-65’s during the UK summer.

  2. "Hundreds, if not thousands of excess deaths" … and look at that, 2000+ confirmed excess deaths during the heatwave, excluding COVID deaths. Is this man a prophet, or just someone who knows what he's talking about?

    You decide.

  3. This woman is in complete denial. I bet it must be nice for her sitting on a chair in an air conditioned room, whilst people are suffering in extreme heat because all their crops and livestock have died or dying of thirst because of rivers drying up. I live in the UK, I’ve seen the affects this 40°C heat has had on this country. All the grass died, rivers almost completely dried up, birds literally fell out the sky because it was so hot, two of my chickens died because of the extreme heat, only for this woman to start yelling at us to be grateful about it. How ignorant of her

  4. can we talk about the dumb anchor in the white dress? shes clearly trying to spread propaganda and not factual news. she needs to called out and fired!

  5. "Tomorrow, Russia is going to invade us and eradicate our whole country with a nuclear bomb"

    "Well, Why so fatalistic ? Haven't we always had wars, Wasn't there a nuclear bomb in Hiroshima before in 1945 ?"

  6. Wow, the comments section is flooded with The Sky Is Falling.

    Calm down guys. They've been telling me the world is gonna end in ten years every year since I was born.

    I'm still alive.

    (Spoiler: Computer modelling is garbage).

  7. 1:03 when she said, "haven't we always had, hot weather?" i genuinely thought that she was going to say, "haven't we always had, fatalities?". that's how awful this is.

  8. Wonder what he's thinking and saying now that the heatwave has passed and 'hundreds and thousands' didn't die….sadly some did pass away due to the heat, but the figure didn't get into the twenties!!! Bring him back, let's see the reaction!!

  9. How does she jump from "I'm a news anchor, not even a journalist" to "I have a strong enough scientific background to speak about shit like this" . Hell I'd prefer if she just said "The oil industry pays me buckets to say this bullshit".

  10. I'm tired to see stupid people in Channels like this one.

    Money and reputation are far away about the importan things. Let's think about what scientist says and make sure they will be listening.

  11. The highest temperatures recorded in this country were taken on or near airports !
    Climate changes it always has and always will, keep the public in fear of everything and you can control them and tax them more !

  12. Oh good, they kept the idiot talking about trying to put a positive spin on death in. I would have assumed they cut that part of her talking out. Saving face

  13. 2:15

    She fucking sighed. She audibly sighed. She was exasperated at this man explaining the potential lethality of dangerously high temperatures.

    Too bad he wasn’t doing a report on puppies, pop stars, parades, or the newest fashion trends. Then he might be taken seriously as a journalist.



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