The windiest location on earth Earth | Wild Temperature with Richard Hammond – BBC 1

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Observe the BBC 1st on iPlayer ? Richard Hammond travels the globe to uncover the unexplained and the sudden, the unbelievable and the just basic not likely, in an endeavor to expose the concealed entire world of weather.

On Mt. Washington, United states of america, a single of the windiest destinations on the world, Richard braves high winds and temperatures of -50 levels F when he goes outside.

Wild Weather with Richard Hammond | Episode 1 | BBC 1

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  1. I very much doubt it is the windiest place on Earth – that is probably just what America likes to claim, based on selective data from 'since records began'…

  2. "…one of the highest windspeeds recorded by man…231 mph…" "How must that feel?" It feels like you are flying through the air, because you are! At least until you splatter against a structure or the ground. Grew up in Tornado Alley.

  3. After many crashes and money bad spent on production by Hammond the bbc has finally give the guy a nice job where he doesn’t endanger the surrounds!

  4. I watched this video so many times before I found out about Top Gear or the Grand Tour. It's back on my recommendations and I just noticed this is Hammond. I'm a blithering idiot.

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