The Weather Is About To Take A HUGE Turn…

In this weather forecast, we are breaking down another ARCTIC BLAST that will impact the USA this week! Additionally, some snow is possible in the Midwest and Ohio Valley! These will impact areas like the Southern Plains, Mississippi Valley, and Ohio Valley. This weather pattern is a part of El Nino, which will lead to more active weather in the Southern Tier of the USA, while the Northern Tier will be quite inactive. This will lead to some snow events, showers and storms, and perhaps severe weather. Find the latest details of the weather across the United States in our latest weather forecast.

0:00 – Intro
0:28 – Weather Right Now
1:46 – Huge Weather Pattern Change Coming…
7:50 – Snow In Northeast Tonight/Tomorrow



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  1. Ohio "Valley" is not a real valley. In reality, it used to be the Ohio great Swamp until they drained it for industrialization.
    For the record, in Ohio, we already have snow here. At least here, next to lake Erie we do. So I'm confused when you say we may finally get some snow fall…

  2. Live just north of Lincoln, NE. Local weather talking another 4-5" (euro)Thursday into Friday. Made a run to town from the farm for a few more perishables like milk. If we get more wind and snow we'll be stuck for days again as I did recon on our local gravel roads to the blacktop to determine drift zones. The ditches are all full and no where for more drifting snow to go. There's commonly 2-3' drifts that were broke open but our neighbor a 1/4 mile east has 6 feet of snow across their road by their house. The worst I saw was south of Wahoo Nebraska a road I'm familiar with has to be 10-12' deep as it appears a payloader was used to try to clear it out and they failed. Today, Tuesday the 16th at noon our wind chill warning expires but we will be -22 at night again in a couple days. We are struggling to keep livestock watered as it freezes in the dang hose in the process.


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