The Weather Is About To Get Even Weirder…

The Weather Is About To Get Even Weirder… 7

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In this video we are talking about several days of severe weather and a developing “death ridge” that could change our weather significantly towards the middle of May.

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  1. This past week, Northern Arizona experienced a week of very unusual, some severe, thunderstorms (for this time of year). The storms came from the northeast, not the typical southwest. Another result of this strange pattern.

  2. This video helped me understand and preparenfor theblocal weather heat wave we have had in SoCal I've been sharing this channel and information with everyone i know because of how accurate this video was.

  3. I am in Sydney Nebraska, first and foremost, the smoke from Canada, approx 1500 miles away has blanketed Nebraska. Second and most important, your weather prediction is precisely and exact. Talked to locals the storm and smoke are far from normal. Unite.

  4. OK Ryan, I've been listening to your news cast for years & this one is way too intense. You need to get an anxiety pill & calm down. Especially on the hurricane's coming. Yeah they live there for the debt, but lookin' good. So let them be, just do the weather friendly not each time is a major. You know what they say, You holler wolf long enough nobody will listen when they need to. That's your job but we including your house is run by a woman who is working her **s off while you do the weather. So back off, relax, chill, do lunch breaks, & calm down. Thank you for listening. Don't go telling wife & keeping it going. I will take this down shortly. I hope you get a chance to hear me. We need calm in our country right now not being nervous wreaks with all the bs going on. So lighten up when it's just another spring day, maybe weather a little out of sorts. My flip flops are better. They are MJ sandals blk bottoms with a strap four inches wide over top for a sandal with all white rinestones. I wear my Candy Apple from L.A. Colors nail polish & that's my bling bling for the summer coming up. LOL. Stay fun & have fun too. It's spring and yes we will have weather from all the water. Love you Ryan be good. LOL.

Holy Island sunrise. Lindisfarne Castle. 26

Holy Island sunrise. Lindisfarne Castle.

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#selfie #trip #snap #life #travel #snorkeling #ishigaki #japan #iseasonchen